PS4 Controller

This is completely off topic, so I posted it here in the off topic section.

So my remote will not charge by way of wall outlet or by way of PS4 when in standby mode. It will only charge when my PS4 is actually on. I have been told it will charge by way of wall outlet and in standby mode. Is there a setting I need to check or should it just simply be charging? I am sure it it’s my cable, because like I said, it charges when the system is fully turned on. That would seem to also eliminate an issue with the controller itself. Any helpful feedback would be helpful.

If i recall when i had a PS4 pro, there is smth in the settings that enables and disabled usb ports from running when ps4 is off or on or stand by … but idk… just my theory

There is. I have that set to always supply power to usb while in rest mode.

Weird… Idk why it aint working… try hard reset or smth…

I would Google tbh.