PS4 Players Disabling Crossplay

Important Edit:
So… I found WreckedDieHard on twitch. And, legitimately; that individual did NOT have their graphics turned down. I don’t really play fire team anymore, but in my past experience (on PS4); I could not spot a predator across the map as visible in his video. It was hard enough to spot one attempting to chase in a melee. I’m not trying to suggest that it’s obvious the higher resolution is helping the players; but it would be interesting to compare between the two platforms like this.

Fundamentally; I feel like the game experience is entirely different. With some of the replies below further solidifying the situation… And, though I had hoped not to do so; I will now disable cross play.

You can find my video on twitch /captaindusty - video ID: 702834168
You can find the opposition (one of) players on twitch /wreckeddiehard - the video is ID: 702806372, with my game starting approximately 31 minutes in.

I’d be interested in any PS4 fire team players feedback on the PC experience there.

I have left the below content solely for history.

Att; Illfonic

Note; Video contains me cursing at the end of game. Viewer discression is advised.

I’d like to begin by noting; 90% of PC players, maybe higher, are great. It’s the minority that play the game like this, but as the population has grown - that number grows too.

Additionally; I’d like to be wrong about this. I know it wasn’t the perfect gameplay on my behalf. I wasn’t trying to be super stealthy outside edge of map jumping around.

To the content; here’s a video of me as scout predator, a ‘jumpy’ spec I made (made games that I have a greater than 100 ping) in which I’m extremely mobile, unable to shake even one of the players. And the icing on the cake is the trash talk at the end. If nothing had been said; I would have entirely shrugged the game off, disappointed.

The game before had the same 4 players, and I was shot from across the map constantly. If I stood still, I was dead. This isn’t really a huge issue for my gameplay, as I play a very mobile/poke like composition - but initiating this requires a bit of stalking / prep (traps, etc). This is the reason I chose my jumpy spec, as my usual spec is just no match. Even this ultra mobile spec - the game was the hunter being hunted.

I didn’t want to play the game as presented in this video. As above; I play a poke game, and really try to make it great fun for the other players. Lots of jumping in, swiping, distracting from objective to add pressure. My pokes are often at ground level, or nearby lookouts. I run through the jungle into players - noting I only play [city]hunter/scout. Taunts, traps. Honestly; it’s great fun. You can see this style in some of my games in my channel.

My goal in playing mobile in above was to hope that they would waste their time chasing me, and fail the objective (my win) - or for them to realise late, and make mistakes under pressure on objective. I had no other choice. Additionally; as they had done so much damage - I was looking for some pigs. Of course, the only pigs were under their lookout.

I would like to not draw attention to the names of these players. Unlike their post game conversation; they’re probably great people. But ultimately; I do feel this is why players turn this setting off. And I can’t really blame them.

The video starts a few minutes into the game. I thought it would be a bit more fun, and not a blatant ‘hunt of the hunter’ as it was. Kind of a bummer. As I was getting destroyed; thought I would record posting on here.

At 3 minutes; you can see the lookout player. Watching in my direction, without any reason to be. Spotting me. ‘there’ - ‘there’. I shoot a net gun at him. Because… well - why not.

At 6 minutes; I was starting to get sick of being hunted. I considered hiding, and do so for a moment - but am spotted soon after. This wasn’t too ‘suspect’ I assume the predator blood had given away the position.

At 7 minutes; I got a pig consume. Was surprised at this.

At 7 minutes, 30 - now full health; I decided to try and take some down. I get a kill, and trophy. But knew it would be quite futile.

At 9 minutes; the consume of the pig is a bug. I killed in preparation for an opportune time. But running over the corpses sometimes presents this automatic eat. Ultimately; this was my undoing.

You can tell that they are the ‘hunt’ type, by not even attempting to shoot me with a failed jump in second wind. I would have landed right in front of the player. They’re only interested in chasing me down for the kill on heal.

At 9 minutes, 50 seconds; I missed the heal behind the only likely spot with full cover from their spots.

At 10 minutes 23 seconds; Whilst they could likely see on the map where I was; the snipes right on me through the foliage also demonstrate eyebrow raising moments. You can see where they were shooting from post explosion.

As noted; the end of the game is pretty lame.

The video can be found on my twitch channel, twitch /captaindusty - I can’t post the link due to being a new user.

(This is not designed to be self advertising of my Twitch channel. I rarely get time to play. I do not make money from playing, nor am I interested in so.)

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I mean the pc Guy is right tho , u kinda bad lol

Sorry but the way u play is so easy to kill…maybe try to be a positive and humble player and say GG next time ;)

Not all pc players turn their graphics ,and I go against all pc players before and I always killed them all…umm yes pc players can be sweaty sometimes but it is what it is dealt with it…try new strategies and tactics instead of complaining lol

Git gud;)

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I didn’t read or watch but nobody’s bad nor good exactly my guy theirs diff skill lvls of this game and diff pred strats some work some don’t :b

Did you read the post? Did you even check out some of my videos?

Most games are ~12k points, with all trophies (Including allowing the fire team to resupply). I’m not even sure if this ‘is’ good. But it ‘is’ fun!

I’m not sad if I lose - if it was a great game.

Most of my losses are in games as the above, or to bugs - such as an unfortunate consume with second wind on cd. (I guess it was a bug in this too).

I’m not playing to down-right stomp the fire team. I literally play with them. My goal is to get stealth kills on the enemy wherever possible - after downing them several times. Taunting, trapping - it’s great.

Your response gives no value to the point of my post. And I’m sorry for entertaining it with a response.

Okey good so why complain at the end of the match and arguing with the pc players?? That’s toxic

Just say gg and leave


Actually; I was dismissing their statements. Though I do concur; I shouldn’t have entertained it - much like this reply.

DieHard, @XViper and Quadraxis… dude… you were facing PC Death Squad. Those guys play with me all the time. They are all excellent FT and great Predators. Don’t matter if pred is on PS4 or PC, they’ll kick ass.

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BTW you rely too much on thermal vision. Is a miracle Vyper didn’t blew up your mask 3 minutes into the round. He usually goes for that. DieHard will wreck your ass and Quad will run you down. That’s the way we play. We always stay within line of sight and a lot of times one of us as bait while everyone else is mudded up. You went for a long claim at the very end. Major error. You played bad mate, sorry if you don’t think you did.


The reason why PC players are better than ps4 is because this game is more like a shooter (besides melee) and you can perform better with a mouse, plus a lot of pc players are more competitive and put more effort on winning. Unless you play with ALL graphic settings to low , is not the settings that give to pc players an advantage, is their SKILL. Just stop complain and don’t suggest to turn off the crossplay, the game is almost dead and doing this can only make things even worse.


A message addressed to some PC ft players:

I understand that it is easy to hide behind the word “skill”, and expressions like “git gud”, etc.

But the truth is another: the fact that you can use a mouse and that in general the FPS experience is better on this platform, does not remove the fact that playing ft on PC puts you in the ideal condition to abuse all the defects of balance that this game features.

It is known that it is an asymmetrical game and that everything is in favor of the FT, and it is right that it is so otherwise the queue to play as the predator would become infinite.

However, when 4 coordinated PC players know what they are doing, and exploit what is exploitable, it is virtually impossible to win. Of course it can happen, but they are very rare cases and more often than not, playing is simply frustrating and definitely not fun. Unless one is a masochist or fanatic, or wants to prove to himself that he can face an absolutely unbalanced situation just to be able to claim to be a competent gamer. Not my cup of tea.

Personally, when I see PC “death squads” in the lobby (I know all or most of their names), I exit the lobby. Frankly, I don’t give a damn if this is considered a cowardly attitude.

I just want to have fun. I play often against full PC ft teams, but not the infamous “death squads”, and I enjoy it great, playing against very good players.

And I still don’t understand what kind of fun are these “PC ft death squads” looking for. Stomp 99% of predators for the sake of what? Abusing an already imbalanced and bugged game? Would be like Mike Tyson fighting against a random dude on the street. What fun would that be?

If they are so “skilled”, shouldn’t they look for genuine competition instead of bullying the game’s player base? To me it seems like they’re just kiddos that take pleasure in getting easy wins. Why don’t they go play serious E-sports or competitive FPS? That’s just bad attitude and frankly is one of the reasons this game is ruining so fast.


Lol game is far from dead on PS4 side. PC on the other hand is slowly dying, and I have no pity for it.


In a way, kinda glad you posted.
I am XVyper in the games, and I actually didn’t say anything post game. (Wouldn’t have gotten a word in anyway)

WreckedDieHard who was taunting you most of the game is known for this. While I’m not a fan, I genuinely don’t think he means it to be toxic, but it’s just his way. I’ve seen him taunt a Predator all game, but be polite and praise a Predator at the end. That didn’t happen this time obviously.

I was legitimately surprised when I watched back that pig eat at the end, but now it makes sense if that was an auto-eat bug. I was actively hunting you with no care if I died, as we had reinforcements ready to go.

I personally don’t think you’re ‘bad’, but it was clear you’re used to facing entirely different kinds of teams, and were not prepared for this kind of pressure. (and I don’t blame you, this is quite common).

I also don’t have my Graphics on low. (Note: Low draw distance is the only thing that really matters).

As Jelou mentioned, we win a lot. Not as much as some others (like Russian groups that Arrow plays with).

I’ll be the first to admit, I struggle as a Predator against the same squads I play FT with. I would probably lose more than half the matches for sure.

I can only assume that you found this game frustrating, and I’m slightly sorry for this.
However there’s certainly far more room for improvement on your end, that is separate from any advantages provided between the platform difference.

From the sounds of it, you win most of your games. So that is good. You should be happy with that.
You’re not the only person to come to the forums frustrated after losing a game, when you’ve become so used to ‘winning’ (sometimes quite easily).

I feel like a number of Predator players who are used to wiping FT squads with ease, just can’t seem to comprehend when they lose. I wish people would stop with this mentality, and stop feeling so ‘slighted’ by the fact that they lost.


I’m on ps4 and I turned crossplay off I’m sorry but I’m not going to fight someone with an advantage we keep things fair over here


What you actually mean is you want to just stomp PS4 FT’s all day.
Everyone has an advantage over PS4 FT’s.

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Also if you really good Predator you can still win some games agaist the so called “cheaters” . I found them a lot of time and won 2 times of 3, plus won agaisnt multiple premade pc sqaud. Of course I can’t win agaisnt my team but one guy of us usually win 30/40% of the times.

Not if the fire team is good I play as fire team more often then predator and when I get on with my squad we win most matches not all of course but most

and that’s how the game should be.

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To win as fire team stick together communicate hit your shots and know your enemy and you should win most matches as for predator try to separate ambush leap a lot it’s pretty much a dodge mechanic scan your enemy’s and again know your enemy

Hit and run too as predator I forgot about that one

If a coordinated FT cannot win against an average Pred, then what is the purpose of playing as FT?

You need FT to play as Pred, unless you want a single player game

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