PS5 optimised graphics mode


Fired this up in the PS5 and it seems the game has a 30fps cap (obviously to help performance on the ps4). Texture pop-in is less prevalent and overall visual quality is better but the frame limit is making it unplayable.

The burning question is this - are illfonic going to give us a PS5 optimised graphics mode?

I.e. 4k textures from PC version with the frame limiter removed/set to 60fps.

Or do we think they are going to repackage it with the above and try sell us the same game again for $60? 🤔

Edit: I have this game on my (fairly) high end gaming PC and it runs almost flawlessly at 4k and 60fps. Would be a shame to simply charge us to give us assets which exist in the PC build already


They’re way too lazy to do this. Even though they should have support for the Ps5

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you will never ever get 4k textures on this game there isn’t a machine on the planet that could do that with how poorly optimized this game is unless your fond of playing slideshows

however your plea on a uncapped/60fps could probably happen on a PS5 considering most high end 20/30 series cards can get like 40fps on med/high settings so i think the PS5 should be able to do that on low/medium settings

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The game still hasn’t been optimised on ps4 or pro. It’s really ridiculous at this point how unoptimised this game actually is.

Game doesn’t affect game play just git gud