PSN Suspended for a week via monitoring private parties

So there I was talking about the group known as the Triple K, saying to my friends how disgusting they (Triple K) were, and a half hour later I get a suspension email for one week saying I was “supporting racism” well this fucking stinks…… imma go crazy without my account for a week send help


Chuck: fuck racists
Everyone: that wasn’t very cash racist of you

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I’m leaning more towards it was actually the opposite, you sent me a link for a hood on ebay…remember?

If you are on ps4 , isnt there a way to turn the monitoring off? I thought it was optional? Then you could share your taboo beliefs back and forth

Bruh what are you on……. Idk about monitoring though

The trolling wagon , charles

Uh huh

wow, Playstation sony is like that? It would be if your feed is auto transcribed for the hearing impaired for whatever reason. So if you say something that sounds remotely racist, itsprob monitored using AI. They just put in some key words in their engine and zap,you’re banned.

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Yes .

Didn’t you know about that? People kicked up a stink and I think it was announced before the ps5 release, basically they could monitor your private messages and even voice chats to “fight” wrong thinking .

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Nothing wrong about that. If they realize all of it could be streamed then the individual might be sued for personal attacks on live youtube television, and you’d think that its on a private platform where its being publicallly broadcasted most of the time.
Surely Sony wouldn’t want players suing each other for money using this method because then it raises all sorts of shit you can do thanks to sony’s platform.

There is monitoring streaming and then there is monitoring private messages.

To say its on your platform , means there is no privacy is murky grounds , mate . Not everyone streams and gaming is a hobby for a big number of people