Q times go Brrrrr

Lol I can’t believe I’m in q to be Fireteam but when I get a game, people either leave before it starts and are replaced by Bots, or it’s mostly bots so I leave and try to start it up again and I check my internet and reset it and still have this problem?!

It’s better to have bots in team instead of potatoes
They have aim bot , you can use them as instant reinforce button, and they can also revive you from another Side of the map
Just keep playing with bots


Ya but they are a liability to, sometimes they don’t go into a building all together to make a firing squad when the Predator player goes inside the building and if one goes down they all go to them to revive making them easy targets 😞

Thats it
Buff Bots in next update

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We don’t need more Dutch’s lol