Question to more advanced players than me

Why the hell did I not had the option to heal? I only could self-destruct? It looked like I’ve given up or something… can some one tell me what happened?

I went in to second wind, moved away from FT as mach as I could, kneeled down and then the only option I have is F for self-destruct?! What happened to heal? I have footage of the game in question if necessary.

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I assume this is without having already gone into SW? If so I’ve had that happen as well. Bug.

First second wind in the game… it was against PC premade so would not be the last one XDDDD

Yeah I’ve definitely had that exact thing happen. I’ve also been frozen totally in place in SW unable to run or leap as I get shot and forced to self destruct.

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Ok 100% a bug - I’m looking at the game footage right now. I try to heal, I have the cross icon filling out and after filled it turns to self-destruct - that is not right

I will move this to bug report

I’ve seen preds who didn’t even get a SW at all, the second their health dropped they just fell to the floor.


It’s called accepting the inevitable

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I’m in process of corverting the video clip - I will post this on bug report in a moment

well if it’s not a bug it’s typically the bar for second wind ran out keep in mind lag can cause the server to “catch up” damage since FT damage is instant hitscan weapons they could literally deal damage you clearly get away then the server “catches up” and your bar empties out giving you the you can only die option
this has happend to me a few times in games where my ping was 90+


This has also happened to me

Hmmmm… it was kind off… but the cross icon filled out… Fuck… have a look and tell me what you think:

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Maybe you got a sniper shot near the end of the “heal” timer.

I have now rewatched it like 15 times… can’t hear a shot… I really don’t know if its a bug or intended game mechanic (running out of heal bar despite trigerring heal)

Well I can’t watch it, it says the vid is private.

my bad, I’m an idiot… its fixed now👌 What are your thoughts?

I hate to tell you this, but there’s no bug, you started healing 1/30th of a second too late. Watch it frame by frame.

in the first pic, there’s a 1 pixel line left on the countdown bar, in the second, there’s none, then you’re dead. Use . and , to move youtube videos frame-by-frame. You’ll see that you run out of time 1 frame before you would have healed.


the game didn’t want to torment you any further

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Happens to a lot of people, buddy. Don’t sweat it. Get em next time!

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Yeah, your timer went out, just saw the vid.

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