You are being chased by a wild @Fire! Don’t let him get you!

Or, you can simply summon @TheAlmightyJim to save you…one of the two.

Water is not an option.


HEY! Quit your fapping and go outside you dumpyfaced-plooplehead!!

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@TheAlmightyJim can not save you.

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You dont deserve that medal.

Yes I do

You dumpyfaced-plooplehead

No you dont.
And stay there.

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confiscates top hat

Haha your too short to get it back because you’re a cantaloupe

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You failed.
Now go to your room.

waves hat out of fires reach

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There’s a significantly larger chance that @TheAlmightyJim would eat you instead.
I’ve seen him do it before. It’s actually quite impressive how efficient he is at his work.


I still have my hat.
You literally cant touch me.
You failure.


I will use your firstborn child as a participant in my E X P E R I M E N T as payment.


If I’m being honest, I don’t really like the taste of human flesh all that much. Never eaten it cooked, mind you - always been a bit of a spur-of-the-moment shock-tactic type thing. Tastes like raw veal.

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Ah. Well, I’d imagine that your general dislike of the flavor is down to 2 things.
The first would be that you’re biting lethal areas as a form of attack. You’re not exactly eating the prime cuts.
The second is lack of cooking and pairing. Cooking with seasoning and sides makes anything taste better. I’d treat Homo sapiens meat as somewhere between pork and veal as its flavor profile would indicate. Obviously flavor is impacted by the lifestyle of the subject and the cut taken. If treated like pork and barbecued I’d recommend a beer, my personal preference would be a yeungling traditional. If treated like veal, it can actually go quite well with white wine or a red, making it somewhat unique among red meats.

If you’re ever operating in the states pay me a visit. I’m an excellent chef & love cooking. I could show you a few things.


Il buy some steaks and one day we’ll have an all melon bbq. You can cook for everyone.
No human meat though. Lol


Fixed it for you.

On a serious note the melon feast shall occur.


You’re prolly right XD
I’ll be sure to try it sometime - I too enjoy cooking and baking, and the delicious food it produces. According to Albert Fish, the best parts are the buttocks? Makes sense; that’s usually the best cut of any animal. I’ll be sure to give it a try at some point.

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