Racism in Video Games lol

It wouldn’t be funny if it wasn’t true lol

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The best depiction of racism in video games is Manhunt

Love mutilating those fake nazis

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Lol I watched that video already, they’re hilarious.

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What game is this true for?

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It’s kinda true for this game

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Except all the men have access to the same hairstyle and all the woman have access the same hairstyles

Predator Hunting Grounds lol I dunno I shouldn’t have to make a list when obviously it is true that blacks are assumed black hairstyles

But it’s not

Oh yeah, nevermind then.

I think the video itself was referring to the Avengers game. I didn’t play that game, so I wouldn’t know.

I responded already by editing my post ☝️

Except white people and Asian people have the same hairstyles too

It’s a military cut to prevent hair getting in your eyes

Neither have I

Oh ya cuz it’s so hard to add these hairstyles you racist lol


Just bonk

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Love that game

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nevermind the character customization every NEW HIP game has an afrogirl