RAM "explodes" when going from offline to online

So, I tested something after it happened to me that the game yeeted itself after a Match on Friday.

Info My RAM while in a match is usually at 85%. On Friday it was on 100% after I restarted my router, after the game went offline (because the wifi was gone for like 5 minutes) I went back online. This seems to cause some sort of memory leak.

What I tested I tested the exact same scenario and my game was again at 97%, luckily it didn’t yeet itself this time. After this, I restarted the game and the Ram was back to 85% while hunting a Fireteam.

So, best if somebody else has this I can recommend this as a quick fix. The Game is taking a lot of RAM, which can cause some memory leaks it seems.

@OldKingHamlet, @Courier, @IllFonic maybe you wanna look into this and make a permanent fix for us PC-Players, and maybe you can accomplish an overall optimization for the PC version of the Game. Thanks for reading this and hopefully putting it on the list of fixes.

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hmm strange. how much ram do you have?

I got 32gigs and it does the same for me lmao… DDR4 4400mhz cl17

it uses 90% of ur 32 gigs? wtf somethign wrong there

can u post a screenshot of it using that much?

Will do it tmr rn in bed lmao… and it maxes out my gpu and cpu which is 9900k

100% ram and CPU and GPU use?!

Thats something seriously wrong there

100% GPU use is pretty normal here

Its like 50-80% cpu usage sometimes and gpu is like constantly 100% lmao… in menu as well… the ram keeps going up and down like its a memory leakage and i did fresh installs and new windows n shit… and its new ram too lmao…

GPU 100% is normal in the menu. all u do is goto the extras menu when u wait for a match.

it will kick the fans down and drop the temps etc.

If you have your framerate uncapped thats probably a bad idea, use a FPS cap of 60 i fu get over 60fps and use a fps cap of 90 if u get over 90 uncapped. that will help CPU use a little. and as for ram i dont know, i think mine uses about 6gb max

I got 16gigs.
But seems like even 32gigs has the same effect as @Coffee2Go is telling.
Let’s hope that IllFonic will make a fix for it. For them it shouldn’t be any different even if they have a high end Pc.