Rambo FT DLC

Rambo was just announced as DLC for Mortal Kombat

He’s a perfect fit for this game!!

He comes with an M60 and bow and arrow with explosive tips and his classic knife

He’s a hip fire God

Would you buy it?

Basically a Dutch reskins with new weapons

  • Yes
  • No

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So… Another hip fire god? I mean every 80s action star would fall under that ig but id like a little variety with my dlc pls

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I mean if we want to capture the essence of the first film

Do I need to put a gif of the entire cast hip firing?

Fuck it

How dare you frown upon hip firing!


I mean hey if you want to spend 5 bucks on another fireteam character that has the exact same shit as the other ones then good for you.

But im certainly not paying for another hip fire character. That shits just lazy

Undecided, I like John but don’t know if I’d play him enough for it to be worth it. I think you’d need to have him be a stealth, trapper character and for that we need traps.

This is why I think we need offline challenges that let you set the NPC’s in the challenge, with any skin you own. People buy toys to display or to play with, give me a way to play with them and I’ll buy all the Dlc characters.


Rather here than some dated fighting game

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The subject of a rambo dlc character, is quite an interesting one. Technically he is not, just a hip fire character. Rambo is well known for his many stealthy kills too! Quiet long range shots with his crossbow. Hiding and blending into the environment, using just his surroundings to set up booby traps, using his knife for kills. Sure theres two sides to his style of attack and In the movies, he would made a great adversary for the predator! A difficult fight to call for sure. Its just a pity this game is limited to his stealthy abilities 😔.


Definite hell yea lol


Yeah I’d get it but we never will. And I also would prefer Mr black over literally every other dlc at this point

I hate that Rambo is in MK tbh.

Wtf kind of guest character lol

I say we get John Wick in hear. Has the weapons training and faster reload as class perks. Weapons are Ar-15 with a holographic sight that is switchable to a 6x with down in the dpad. Secondly is a desert eagle that shoots slugs. Melee is a pencil,

Like in what movie does he fight hand to hand its the dumbest idea ever. Is basically a erron black clone is dumb