Rambo: Last Blood

As a fan of the series, and a man with an adopted daughter myself, I fucking loved this movie. If you’re a fan of the character and have seen the movies that came before, I recommend it. It got to me

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My favorite was the one before last blood

I wish he would have died a heroic death

Went to see Last Blood at the cinema. Bought the blu ray, only to Find out that Stallone is releasing another version. This was a pretty crappy final outing by all counts. Should’ve stopped with Rambo 4 in Burma, which was far superior.

What’s different in the new cut?

Dunno yet. But the theatrical release was only 90 minutes long so we’re missing plenty. I haven’t even unwrapped my blu ray. Just no inclination to watch it again.

It’s on Amazon prime

I thought it was OK, I was never a big rambo fan. Hot shots part deux was better ha

It just got me in the feels 🤷‍♀️

Last Blood was crazy it was like the ending of Home Alone except that every trap that Rambo set up could kill you.

Stallone is one and only.
Rocky and Rambo are top.

I think he’s actually a really good actor. Feel like he doesn’t get enough credit

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LOL I loved that movie as a kid! It was always playing on TV back in the 90s.

Same here mate, I actually seen that before any of the rambos ha which was confusing when I did watch them

Well Rambo is in Mortal Kombat I guess

Why can’t Rambo come to the hunting grounds?
Arnie and sly are best pals let’s make it happen!

I would rather have hicks or Hudson before rambo, at least they loosely share the same universe

The difference from what i know is, The extended cut, is about 12 minutes longer than the theatrical release. Most of it, adding an extended opening to the film. Then the rest of the scenes, kind of fill in the blanks, between the action sequences throughout the film. I haven’t actually seen it, but anyone who has, says the extended cut is far superior to the theatrical version.

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