Random crashes/disconnects are getting out of hand!

Since 1.10, I’m crashing roughly every 5 or 6 matches. It wasn’t that bad before the patch I think?


Lots of things weren’t

It started when 1.09 came, atleast on the PC side.

@Courier Fix this ASAP and forget about your silly skin-hotfixes and whatnot, know your priorities! This is getting pathetic.

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Almost every single time I play as Predator my game crashes/ blue screens. It’s never happened to me as fireteam not once but every time I play as Predator it happens. This is ridiculous! No other game does this happen to me on except Friday the 13th every once in awhile.

Happens to me a lot. I play FT 99% of the time.

It’s increased in frequency almost 100% when playing as Pred since 1.11. I can’t even finish a game as Pred without the game crashing.

Just happend to me a few mins ago on backwater

I just keep getting Signed out/d/ced after 2 hours or shorter