Random R2 Bug

This is still a thing on ps4. Randomly melee attacking and slamming. Had this and the bow totally bugged in my last match against a team with 3 support with field medic and dextrous which is another thing entirely. Also had katana strikes going right through the last guy while he was reinforcing. Point blank looking right at him. All the while I’m getting knifed. Seriously, this game is fucking busted even after 7 months. I want to love it and I want it to succeed, but you guys really need to overhaul the crap out of it. This doesn’t even include quality of life issues like clunky controls and ridiculous interaction with the maps (getting stuck bounced around etc). @OldKingHamlet

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Happened to me too. Damn near cost me a match but I was able to recover and wipe the team. Damned annoying slamming with every leap

Mine wouldn’t go away. Had to leave. 🙄

Think I switched weapons or something, I can’t remember and for whatever stupid reason the match didn’t record.

Still getting this, bow bug, unable to mount trees, unable to claim, unable to eat pigs, weapon randomly switches on its own. This game is a fucking mess. Come on guys @OldKingHamlet