Range attacks buff

dear devs , pred classes have different bonus on Melee Damage so i think its time for rework/buff , give range preds (Scout/Alpha/Valkyrie /w/e) bonus range damage as passive

ps: Cleopatra should be range pred like Scout/Alpha


Illfonic despises ranged weapons

have a 7 hit melee combo instead

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they also despises melee weapons , 0 dmg most of them with pathetic tracking + ft can block the attack pretty easy

Fuck this game

Imagine stacking the damage boost from downrange + spec + passive. Its time to one shot supports I guess HAHA

well you can 1 shot support with smart disc :P

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I haven’t played in about a week. I’m kind of curious to see what hinting preds is like with a bot team, but I’m not really missing it

They’re bots

From illfonic

Does that help?

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Yeah but might be fun to use as bait. They’ll have better aim than screaming Fortnight babies at least 🤷‍♀️

For sure

I was more than happy to supply illfonic with my proprietary macro technology

I think he wants to buy Alpha Pred Stalker DLC.

Valkyrie is perfect the way she is, leave her be, with fervent, fearless, downrange and impen, makes her one of the best predators for almost any given situation.