Rank System & Matchmaking

Just my two cents for an improved match-making system. I know Dead by daylight is doing well and is probably the most successful title in this genre. They have a unique ranking, point and perk system implemented. It won’t hurt to look at the competition because something must be going well if they can attract so many players after being on market for that long. I also have to add that not everything about it is great but certain things are done right.

Thus, I was wondering if that could be utilized in a similar manner and adjusted for PHG to give players an incentive to progress in the ladder and ultimately improve the longevity of this game. Overall, such a system might attract even more players, as it offers a new path of progression.

Looking at PHG, both Predators and FTs should have a separate rank, which is shared amongst all (classes of) Predators and FTs, respectively. So, rank should be used by the matchmaking system to match Players with others of the same ranking under ideal circumstances. The search should be expanded in case not enough players are queuing.

It would be cool to earn unique badges/crests next to your name if you rise up as a Predator or FT respectively.

Depending on the individual performance players should be rewarded with ranking points which could be increasing or decreasing based on the actions during a ranked match. For the ranking system to work efficiently, a more sophisticated match point system is mandatory. This is required to enforce behavior that enhances the player experience while wavering behavior that diminishes player experience like rushing kills/objectives leading to short matches. So maximizing match points will be the ultimate goal in order to gain higher ranks.

A system where you start at a low rank (e.g. 20) and rise in ranks up to rank 1, similar to DbD seems suitable for this game. Also, I would call rank 1 to 4, the “Alpha Rank”, rank 5 to 8 the “Beta Rank”, rank 9 to 12 the “Gamma Rank”, rank 12 to 16 the “Delta Rank” and everything below 16 the “Gamma Rank”. The associated colors should be white for “Gamma”, blue for “Delta”, purple for “Beta” and gold for “Alpha”.

Alternatively, separate names for ranks could be introduced for Predators and FTs. FTs could follow something that is based on military ranks while the Predators can keep the aforementioned rank names. Also next to your nickname stripes and stars based on your ranking could be placed for FTs while the Predator will get a fictive Yautja symbol for the respective rank.

Obviously the choice of colors and names are subject to change and should only serve as an inspiration.

Unique rewards could be tied to the ranking system which might serve as an additional incentive for players to join.

All in all, a ranking system should serve as a mechanic to provide a more or less equal competition while enhancing the player experience. I suppose it is not fun for a new player to face a veteran with 600h of experience. It is also not fun to play with or against a team of inexperienced FTs when you are experienced. This leads to a bad experience which leads to more people quitting the game. I believe that players always seek a fitting challenge which can be provided with such a system.

Side note: I also think each DLC should have added a map themed around the Predator/FT being introduced with the DLC.

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Most players hate the ranking system

They either ignore it and create their own win basis or constantly complain about it

Not it mention it rewards roleplay over winning

We all know ranked isn’t about utilizing the meta and executing it



If your ranked experience isn’t fun by a simple who wins basis your game is poorly designed

Not to mention this system punishes players for facing bad players


As long as they’re not timed

Or are timed to a public release later

I’d say it encourages farming players for the sake of padding the timer

weird system

instead of just losing you’re subjected to nurse’s cock and ball torture.
then you get a participation trophy for sitting there tapping space bar minutes at a time

part of the reason dbd is so toxic I can just facecamp and make someone else derank with me, which leads to people whining about tunneling if you focus down one player. You didn’t see people complaining about being targetted as medic or trapper in Evolve, probably has to do with the lack of interaction with the killer.
The whole thing never needed a forced ranked mode.

Imagine what horrors ranked F13 would have brought us

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Both are true

Farming is more so against bad players

And they are adding SSBM to DBD which is going to make those issues worse.

Bro…IF PRED MIRRORED WHAT DBD looks like and functions, OMFG!! I’d love this game even more.

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You mean the predator being an actual threat instead of wet tissue paper?

this game should of always been about survival rather then being arcadey as it is, the game originally was going to be like that but they scrapped that idea in devolpment.


Mmmhm! I mean obviously they’re a threat, it just varies in an intensity from low to “dear god, what fuck shittery is going on, everyone run” lmfaoo.

I feel like all pred classes should get their health either increased by 25 percent, or double it at most. And reduce FT damage by 15-50 percent. Early PHG, all the Yautja were serious threaths; with big boy Berserker being the tank class that made you shit your pants. Hownstly if we reduce FT power and have the preds get health increases; we can return to early game where the Predator was something to run from. Not something you run up on because they’re a mild inconvenience.

The missions need to be more team oriented, hell, the game as a whole does…from a FT perspective. Like the whole team really should have to work together to do any substantial damage to their persuer. Right?


Couldn’t agree more, fireteam gun nerf has been needed for awhile fireteam does way too much damage, and one person can solo pred easily if they know what there doing, back in beta days Zerk with combi was the meta, granite people didnt know how to play the game and if people had the knowledge they do now highly doubt Zerk would be a threat during launch, now your usually dead if you run zerk(that could of changed haven’t played since Valkyrie) plus for skilled fireteam members its not challenge to kill the pred.


Yes. The FT have been pampered to High hell. You guys agree? @OldKingHamlet and @Courier (I know you guys won’t respond or like this to a knowledge me but hopefully you’ll guys will at least see this and think; “Yeah, maybe he is right.”)

I’m not saying make pred invincible like the Killers in DBD are, but I am saying I’d like our threat level to be higher. Yeah we do good damage and insanely feslly good damage with the specializations (which I still think needs to go on both sides. No one really needs damage increased especially FT! Just make them normal perks. Not sure why it irks me so much, prolly bc I played so much COD, lmao but please, remove the specializations or make them normal perks. I’d rather have them be just a standard perk I can equip rather than a bootlegged, dollar store variation of a fourth perks slot, lmfaoo)

Long rant done.😅😅 long rant cut short, I just wish to be a constant threat rather than being either a slight issue or partial threat to the FT.


Honestly preds perks are not as good as fireteams, if they buffed Preds perks than it would balance it out somewhat, dbd is still heavily survivor sided buts thats for entirely different reason PHG issue is

Killer does not have enough perks, or kit usually to reliably keep preasure on 4 survivor effectively especially on Gens

Predator just doesn’t have a relaible kit to slow down or wear down fireteam, and engaging in cqc as pred is death sentence usually.

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Yeah. Perk updates, gear based around Hunting to help guide and weaken prey, more PERKS IN GENERAL. Quite a few things are needed. But I’ll be patient and as per usual…see what they do.


I agree that’s why the DBD system should only be regarded as an example that could be improved for PHG. There is a working foundation within DBD that could be extracted and expanded upon as an addition to PHG.

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Yeah while dbd is not flawless they got something right.

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DBD definitely did a good job with the connections; instead of a player hosting the match, they implemented dedicated servers so that the killer wasn’t hosting every single match - something that PHG could greatly benefit from…or take after DBD and have the Pred host every match since anything over 100ms for the Pred is a slog.