Raphael’s Flintlock

The flintlock story has been retconned

The typical gun owner has multiple firearms. Does this help? I have at least 15. But I’m a Texan.


It’s implied Greyback got the pistol either from naru or the elder.

Or their ancestors

Yeah I kinda figured cuz I remembered Raphael died in the comic as well so they completely retconned it

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Who cares, that comic sucked anyway. Plus, there’s plenty of cool ways Elder could get it… like butchering that entire village…

Doubt they’ll make a film where the predator wins so he’d have to get it a different way

…From a comics. So, it’s not a real retcon.

This just proves what is known:
comics are expanded universe, and only the movies are real canon.

Yeah guess you’re right. What about the comics that connect to movies ? Like Predators

I think that one counts as it was commissioned to go along with the film by the studio as the official “act one” if you will.

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Ha called it!

Same thing for them sadly.

As I said before:
expanded universe (comics, videogames, books, etc)
-> not canon

movies -> canon

I love some stuff from the comics even more than some movies, but the live action will always be more important in the canon.

Besides the predator 2018 lol I’d say comics that don’t contradict anything should be more important

Should, yeah