Reached level 150 and have only received 1 mythic item from field lockers

This is ridiculous @Illfonic. What are the chances to get a mythic item from field lockers? All I got was 1 knife…I opened every field locker when I leveled up and even purchased some with currency. I’m not 100% sure but at least 60% of my openings were duplicates. What a waste of time…

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I know how you fill

If not because the drop percentages are ridiculous and the fact that once you have approximately 50% of the objects, 95% or more are repeated. yesterday I opened 250 drawers and only gave me 7 objects without repeating. so 3 × 250 = 750. of 750 objects only 7 were without repeating. so I don’t think the drawer system is anything good. And if you look at what it gives you, it is always the same ones repeated over and over again, up to 5 drawers in a row giving me the same fucking skin and in one it came twice. In those 250 he gave me 2 gold objects, one is the same knife that I get every fucking day and the other a weapon skin. the system is broken

Oh! You got one??? Lucky you!!!


I had to open 500 yesterday to get one


Waste of time, just buy what you want. Eventually we’ll get something else to supplement it, till then it isn’t worth the time or frustration.


Totally agree.

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I’ve been playing this game since beta and the only mythic I have is the war hammer. I unlocked it and once I did the novelty of it kinda wore off.

Please do not wate your valuable time trying to get a cosmetic for bragging rights. It’s not worth the trouble.

I’ve just been stockpiling vert for the time that they release a different box or update the existing drop rates.

I had 1.5 mil before a month-long hiatus for a cross-country move.

I’m fine with it sitting there because it’s just going to be transmuted into a fucking Phoenix Vanadium mask.

You act like you are the only one

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