Real Life Alpha Predator Suit One Of A Kind!!! @IllFonic @OldKingHamlet You guys arnt gonna wanna miss this!!!


That is a cool suit

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I would love to have one tbh

What’s up with the shape of its mouth

what do you mean?

i thought this was a rickroll because of the


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wait what?

i assumed you were gonna rick roll me because of how you worded it

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LOL noooo I see I just dont want illfonic to overlook this hell they may be interested I know the guy has NECAs attention

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Fan made suits are really some of the coolest shit. Definitely like the suit 👍

A neca Predator mask would be really sweet!

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Maybe they’ll see the demand is there and do a whole suit thats why im sharing it everywhere people need to see this

I wouldn’t be surprised at all

They have some very pricey items like 1:1 figures and even life size Chucky dolls

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Ohh yeah hobbies are expensive

Jesus that mask looks good, can’t wait to see the body painted.

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I know so far its really damn awesome not much left tbh

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