Rebreather is bugged?

just bought the rebreather mask and i can’t equip it, anyone else having this issue?


Same here… I even got a different shader… They took my money.

It’s been broken for quite some time.

Wonder if they will find the solution…

It only works on the city hunter… I cant equip it on any other pred.

It works on every pred. I have it equipped on my elder. I haven’t had any issues equipping it to any pred or using any shader on it. Haha But that’s just me.

It works on some Loadouts, others not.

If you find that a lot or all Loadouts are bugged with this, you can do a Safe File Deletion (only wipes Preferences such as custom loadouts and Custom Control Scheme). Most Loadouts should then be fine to equip Rebreather.

Yeah do what he said haha alot of players do this from time to time to fix bugged loadouts or issues.

You just have to keep smacking it upside the head until it works. Illfonic will fix nothing.

Pm me

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