Recap of current bugs *5.4.2021* (needs fixing asap)

  • Plasma caster crosshair is not animated still in public matches and it does not shrink when charged (bug persisted since release btw)

  • Predkour is still buggy and u cant traverse fast or else u wont be able to land on a branch

  • Combistick is still getting stuck underground and tree trunks

  • Broken shadow textures causing fps drops and memory leaking

  • Audio is very buggy and random needs better tuning and syncing

  • Failing to apply mud properly stops randomly midway trough

  • Shooting the arrows while ur close to walls or in the corners of a building ur arrows will curve and fail to hit a target

  • Hitboxes of tree’s and fireteam need more polishing and tuning

  • When switching thermal vision on and off its not synced with the eyes on the bio mask at all…

  • Predator movement needs polishing overall as well and it feels sloppy

  • Predator intro scene when entering the mission has poor audio sync and poor animation sync and polishing

  • Dead pigs very rarley tend to despawn the bodies but yet it still shows them on the map

  • Pig spawn is still not perfected yet and its very random like a 50 50 chances to get decent pig spawns or no pigs at all

  • Using scope on weapons as fireteam sometimes bugs entire scope and removes its animations and it does not work properly

  • Blue screen errors (Console users)


@OldKingHamlet @Courier send these to the team hopefully they can fix most of these or they already have but either way…

Blue screen still happening

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-1 bug is there since release, but nobody seems to care about that. That happens to me all 7-10 matches

Exhibit A:

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Yeah, this is annoying and immersion breaking, but I can’t see them bothering to fix it.

I’ll show this list to the team and see if there’s anything we’re not yet aware of


<3 love u courier i appreciate the work you do

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😚 ( )( )

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Those were the best asscheeks I could make , sadly

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@Courier the other day I was playing Pred and got the auto R2 input glitch, where any thing you do the R2 function automatically (so If you leap, you slam, if you try to move you attack), and the only way to fix is to fully heal once or twice.
If you would also send that to the team I’d be very grateful.

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Predator armor parts change to default colors.

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