Recapping Illfonic’s week

  1. Released 2 DLC pred’s forcing a specialization that they weren’t supposed to have.

  2. Pushed out a patch that didn’t forcibly change an existing class’s specialization from the new pred DLC to one it was supposed to have, even though the selectable options have been updated.

  3. New masks that aren’t cooler than masks we already have

  4. Sources have told me that Illfonic has been linked to both Jeffrey Epstein AND Kim Jong Un. I will not be redacting this news until Illfonic fixes at least one bug in this game

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Can we erase society

Keep the humans, but make them all anti-social so society can’t form

You’ve become an angry edgelord lmao.

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What can I say my faith in humanity has been destroyed

By what exactly?

I don’t see any improvement

The government is corrupt

Businesses are greedy

And there aren’t enough people fighting against them

Let alone the people who practically are them just without the title like scammers and people who cry wolf.

With this going on I only see things getting worse from here on out.

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Thats not even the worst of it , illfonic still haven’t fixed bugs

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I would have been very keen on playing as a pred class that looked the least intimating to find that they are the most OP. Now we will not get that chance again. totally an embarrassment.

I mean, they should have just allowed it to be an RNG predator class completely pimped out and allowed us to make the decision to use it at the lobby.

I mean why not have a class that becomes a rare loudout for 1/30 matches? That would be a clever way of making this game last or any game last longer.