receiving shaders for jungle Hunter but I don't own the jungle Hunter

(ps4) I’ve been getting shaders for the jungle Hunter, but I didn’t pre-order the game so I don’t even have the jungle Hunter skin to play as.

also been getting duplicate skins from the field lockers without being compensated.

I also think the returns you get on any duplicates is way too small btw

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They decreased the value cause people wouldn’t shut up about the amount of vertainium they’re getting from exotic and mythical dupes

The second problem I’ve gotten a few dupes that i had purchased already

Jungle Hunter mask is available in the loot crates as well. So you get the shaders when you unlock the mask

since day one I’ve been getting shaders for masks and guns I don’t even own. When I do unlock a mask then all the shaders that I was getting through the loot are already unlocked. I don’t know if that’s just a me problem or what