Red dead online update makes clowns of its players....again...

A new update is dropping this Tuesday. It’ll come with a new role and outlaw pass. And from what it sounds like, the role might be a photography role (I find this so hard not to laugh at)…8 months…for a photography role…meanwhile GTA will be getting what sounds like an expansion of the map and a new heist…🤡 🤣

Either way even if it’s something bigger and better than a photography role. We would’ve had to wait 8 months for just one role. Wtf.

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rip red dead online


Yup take 2 really took the soul out of rockstar…

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Isn’t take 2 the parent company of 2k? Just checked no wonder everything about them sucks they own rockstar and 2k publishing and God knows both of those have been greedy tw*ts as of late.


Photo mode role instead of making use of player bounties/jails.

We’ll get instanced heists in 2 years completely seperate from the free roam online portion of the game too.

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Tell me about it.

This game has so much potential. It could be as big as GTA online but a more grounded experience with maybe the odd standout thing here and there like a hot air balloon, auto mobile, weaponised armoured wagon.

A game about outlaws yet the most lucrative thing is picking plants and soon we’ll get a role that’s dedicated to taking pictures lmfao. We want train heists, bank heists not this crap.

And to add insult to injury they’re adding the trapper…yet animal spawns still don’t work properly 🤣


Whats sad is when we eventually get heists it’ll just be pve missions

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I’m personally fine with that. But if they give us a choice to have PvP elements with it I’d be down for that.

RDO has so much potential, shame it sucks


Well this new update sucks lol. 25 gold bars just so we can put animals to sleep and collect samples? Real fun stuff right there.

Legendary animals? Cool but people have been playing with that feature in the story mode since launch. Same with trapper.

New camera is cool albeit overpriced.

Outlaw pass is mediocre.

Role rewards are mediocre.

Elephant rifle is a nice addition

Improved bow? Hardly improved when it has worse stats than the default. What was even the point in this addition?

At least the animal spawns were fixed.

Its like regular hunting except you shoot animals 18 times with a varmint rifle and only sell the samples? And if you kill animals you get locked out of her missions?

Am I missing something? Tell me its atleast fun to blast people’s horses with an elephant gun

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People still play GTAO? Jesus, last time I played, it was quite chaotic to say the least, endless grinding, long heists with people with short temper, tryhards ruining for anyone trying to have a good time, hackers, etc, shit made me think if it was worth it, wasn’t even having fun. Worst part? Undead Nighmare 2 or a proper single player expansion never, thanks to T2.

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Ikr. I’m only level 2 with the role and I’m already bored.

Tbh not even the elephant rifle is that good. It feels way too similar to the double barrel shotgun just with a slightly slower rate of fire.

I guess the missions for her are fun? Can’t say cause I haven’t gotten to level 5 yet. But so far it’s lame.

This update is so fucking boring man

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