I still want to play it. Going to wait a bit…

Fortnite graphics why?

I just want a multiplayer Van Helsing type faction-based game.

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That game was actually dope af

Makes Hunting Grounds look AAA. Gaming companies are not even trying anymore. Armored Core 6 better not disappoint.

Have you played an AC game before?

People are migrating from Elden Ring with the wrong expectations. @Fire
If you don’t like Ace Combat this niche is not for you. It’s basically Ace Combat but with horizontal dashing. Plot and gameplaywise.

Its fucking hilarious seeing all these new fags not know what these games are all about xD.
I only played a few armored cores tho, mainly I think armored core 2 for ps2.

Would you compare the new one to ace combat? Man I remember when you couldnt fly around in armored core.

Btw where did you hear about this migration? Havent seen any of that. Sounds hilarious tho.

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Elden Ring peeps think this is going to be open world mechwarrior or something and its not.

But yeah S P E E D is back. Looks like AC4 or For Answer but they added that parry/kick thing and more melee weapons.

The plot seems like its at its craziest. Whole planets atmosphere just ignited lel, should make for fun maps.

I might play it. Pvp looks like bullshit in the new armored core games

ACV was a weird social experiment and 2 clans just took over everything in multiplayer. It was slow as hell but thats because plotwise we weren’t piloting NEXTs it was just cobbled together parts in post-apocalypse, junkyard shitter mechs

AC6 looks like its going back to making everyone an augmented superhuman that can withstand 9999 G’s and radiation weapons.

PvP has always been bullshit its whoever can skate around while keeping on target with the lowest possible weight on their mech otherwise people just boost cancel around you.
Building a competitive mech has always been autistic minmaxing during japanese hours just like people do in souls with the soul level matchmaking. Ignore those lobbies

Screw that though i’m bringing back my reverse knee NEXT and jumping high with the flashiest stupidass weapons I can find. Looks like they brought wings back and that sword dash thing in the trailer looks sick.

I’m kinda interested in playing it.
I just dont know how much I’d enjoy it.

Honestly the only game I’m looking forward to is exoprimal. Edf meets anthem is what it looks like.

I’m really really hoping it’s good.

If I did play AC tho I’m not even sure what I’d build. Probably light. Some lock on shit with a sword lmao.
Or a fucking chainsaw.

I’m burnt out on psuedo-MOBAs. If we never got another hero shooter for 10 years it would be too soon.

durrr heres your 5 abilities durrr heres your 5 classes durr cashshop.

Repeat until infinity.

Wait is it more like that? Thought it was more pve focused? God fucking damn it I just wanted dino EDF.

why cant we have cool things?

Two teams of 5 farm dinos that spawn out of portals and fight eachother for points, its another MOBA.

God fucking damn it.
Another game that the concept Is better as pve that is made pvp. Theres too many games like that.

Hunt final showdown is another one like that.

As soon as they just spawned out of portals you know its just a farming game

Very few games have good PvE that isn’t repetitive because AI suck.

Edf is still fun tho even tho the A.I. is simplistic. I like dynasty warriors too. I dont mind games where you slaughter millions.

Theres kingdom hearts and devil may cry for more intense combat. At least 1 and 2. 3 was easy as hell. KH. I mean. DMC has always stayed pretty good.

Fuck well no theres not really any game to look forward to.

Literally, all of them, except Project Phantasma on PS1. Played Armored core Verdict Day for a couple years, and I had one of the top teams on the International servers. There weren’t very many active teams when I had the game. Anyway, I even bought the Japanese version and made a Japanese PSN account and played for a few months. Those players were extremely good, and the servers were much more populated.

Thats because the whole things a physics sandbox. Not the AI. Like Deep Rock Galactic would be boring af without the destructible environment.

O wtf. Nothing to be worried about then. If you’ve played 1 miyazaki AC you’ve played them all. I just wouldn’t expect anything way off formula.

There will be a bunch of stats that don’t do anything, animation cancelling, metal gear dialogue & some meme weapons and builds (like tank treads lmao sleepy tank players) in a bullet hell multiplayer zoom zoom fast game.
I would be surprised if its more balanced this time around.

Did you ever play the independence day ps1 game? 😄

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