Region searching fail


I can’t connect to the game (steam version).
It says “region searching failure - check your internet connection”.
Well, my internet connection is just fine, since I am able to post this…
It was working fine before and absolutely nothing changed on my PC before this issue.


I think it is your internet connection

Based on what?
Everything else works fine: online games, streaming, whatever…

Have you tried checking your internet connection?

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on steam?

oh noes more bugs

A friend of mine sometimes is unable to join me on a group, and the game only tells him he canmot connect to that session or something. He needs to contact his internet provider, having them remotely restart the router configuration and that has worked for us lately. Eventually happens again and he needs to contact them again. You might try something like that.

Can’t he do it himself??

I guess not, as he asked, and they (his internet provider) said they had to do it on their end! I thought it was just a matter of restarting / un-plugging and plugging back, but they do something else, something with the configuration of it. Don’t even know how they call it, and I 'm an ignorant and don’t know if you could do this from the computer, but I don’t think so. Dunno tbh.
I had to do it once that it was not allowing me to join a match.

You can do a lot of stuff in the router configurations. Reboot, port forwarding, etc… Even with a phone.
I guess it depends of the ISP too…

sounds like a skill issue to me

Bro, I’ll be honest… sounds like rocket science to me.