Reinforcement helicopter animation

During the rescue mission, it would be nice if the reinforcements were accompanied by an animation of the arrival of the helicopter, and not just the dead players teleported from nowhere


is it really only me that worries?

The game has more than 1 year and that is probably the 1st time somebody asks for that.
So, yes.
In my opinion the only thing that could be changed is the spawn location. It should be random. To prevent Pred to place traps.


This is a really cool idea. An animation would be cool while the reinforcements load.

I do also agree with the above and the location should be random though. I’ve seen half dozen YouTube videos where Predators place traps all around the reinforcement spawn location while the last guy is calling for them.

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And there shoudn’t be a proximity based objective. It would be just call the reinforcements and get oitta there. The reinfocements would appear randomly on the map. Together or separated.

You could add a gear item that lets dead fireteam spawn in on you when in usage. That also means that if the gear item is visible that’s one more thing Predator has to look for and one more thing FT has to defend because if you’re in a pinch, that backup becomes invaluable.