Reinforcement - Use it or lose it

once activated it cant be paused and leaving the area for a few seconds and you lose it alltogether,

High risk high reward.

none of this, " tick 5 seconds of now, then come back later and do another 10"… etc

cry below

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I disagree, I think it’s fun the way it is personally. Give FT a way to counter aggressive preds by actually giving the pred what he wants by splitting up. Also as the pred it gives you an ultimatum, kill that last FT member pushing objective and force the team to come back to you or rush to the radio and force that last FT member to either try to exfil alone or finish the call for help

atleast reset the timer if they leave the area too long…

I still feel ft should come back without equipment they previously used. Or 1 of every item is taken away, leaving them with 1 of each instead of fully re equipped.
Going against a tough ft after they complete objects and reinforce to full capacity is bs when preds can’t refill gear.
At the same time we made it this far so idc at the end of the day. There’s more concern then reinforcements.

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yeah just want more ways to even the playing field without constantly changing damage and health numbers.

Mechanics can alter the ballance and add more gameplay and be fun.

predator getting stuck on random small obstacles for a start or just leaping straight up/down. if it were not for that half of my matches would go a lot better :)

Predator heading over to a drop pod somewhere on the map and getting a new mask and a refil on equipped items and ammo would be cool 1 time use thing like the reinforcments…

The leaping up and down is so fucking annoying.
Bc hat one lil twig or rock is what stopes me dead in my tracks, really.?! Every match just about smh

ive noticed its also the fireteam, if they are stood right inb front of where u want to leap it treats them as an obstacle and that shit needs to be gone foul demon!

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Lol. U must be sorry at this game if you think that is a broken mechanic

no i mostly win, but that doesnt mean they are good wins or satisfying.

Then there are the losses that are totally 1 sided…

It’s just a momentum fuck up when it happens.

Especially when trying to beat the ft to the reinforcements, hitting everything on the way really breaks emertion.

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