Reinforcements should spawn at the original infil point, or another random infil like they came in on another helicopter.

Not at the radio.

Also why do we have to go to a radio? Aren’t we being given instructions through a radio the whole time?

Why not just make it like ya gotta get to a higher point on the map to broadcast or something?

err’body still too bullet spongy, pred included ;-)


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Its fine how it is, anything else is further complicating simplicity.

Buff FT nerf pred

You don’t think having to solo it back to meet up with your reinforcement would be fun rather than just have them magic in at a radio that you need for some unknown reason?

I seen many randoms in the game who have no idea of the reinforcement mechanic in the first place until someone in the group shouts a them through the mic about it. Shouting isn’t needed either but damm how did they not figure this out is also beyond me. Its better not to further complicate things just so we can have a smoother time in matches.