Reinstal the game dosnt fix T-Pose bug

So last time
I sent an email to Illfonic
And they told me to reinstall the game to fix the T-Pose glitch
I did that but it didn’t fix
I can’t even play your stupid game because the loop connection and matchmaking system and specially T-Pose bug in most of the time
It happens when you made a small company with 30 people and start making games
Sorry about my weak english if I wrote smth wrong
So I have to say
Thanks illfonic for your beautiful game with matchmaking and alot of bugs ;)
I’m not gonna support your company and your games anymore (and so many ppl like me)
Good luck

No we don’t.

(I’m just trolling)

Have you tried just gitting gud? That’s the bug fix round these parts

Why/how would a reinstall fix the games coding?


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Shut up. That’s how.


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Point taken

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Id does if you install in a different folder.
And you have to install RAM in the same folder aswell.