Reinstalled... and lost everything.

Hi guys. I got a new PC so I had to reinstall PHG. I thought they would keep my customizations and stuff in the cloud or someting, but I can’t find anything I bought previously - the DLCs of Dutch from 87, City Hunter, Wolf, Hunting Party… it’s all gone. Not available for use in the customizations menu - except for biomasks.

Is there any way to recover this? Or will I have to buy everything again?

In my Epic Games app these DLCs appear present in my library but are not shown completely in the game.

Am I missing any steps?

Thanks in advance.

Here are the steps.

  1. Uninstall
  2. Play other games and be happy

In all seriousness though, that sucks. @OldKingHamlet this guy needs help


Well, the DLCs appear to be back, but the customizations still gone… I will do them again

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Customizations are saved locally, so you probably lost them when uninstalling the Game.
If you don’t want this to happen again, you can search for the Usersettings.sav and make it read-only after setting up your loadouts.
That way, even if the game crashes and would delete your loadouts by accidents, you’ll get them back after restarting. The downside is that you need to switch the read-only off again if you want to do permanent changes.

Gosh I got this on console I’m afraid now on what would happened if I did delete it 😰

Switching from a previous computer to a new computer doesn’t restore customizations
IF you wish to restore these there is a trick in the book for PC players

Show hidden files, open User folder then App Data/Local/SpaceFish/Saved/SavedGames/EOS
back up both files, these contain your customizations and settings

Edit: Restore the files in the same location overriding the current files “Back up in case something goes wrong inside a .zip folder”


Can you take pictures or video of the issue?

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Uninstalling the game does not delete data stored on the user %appdata% folder

This dude is either using another epic account, another computer, another user profile on windows or he’s flat out making stuff up just because

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Well OP said that he lost DLC’s also which isn’t possible unless he created a new Epic account and bought the game again or logged in to one which doesn’t have DLC’s.

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You are right for other games but this is Illfonic.

The op checked that he owns the DLC via Epic launcher but the classes remain locked in game not in the Epic launcher.

I had a similar issue twice:
I bought DLC and it remained locked. I refunded it via Epic support and purchased it again later on. However, I am not sure if I am still missing Epic deluxe edition skins for the two predators due to these bugs. And no one in this forum seems to be able to check if Viking and Cleopatra have Epic deluxe armor and skin patterns. Skin pattern is shown for Cleopatra, though.

The op should contact Epic and ask for a refund for the locked DLC - “fraud” by Illfonic. Epic is generally taking such stuff quite serious and answers in a reasonable time in contrast to Steam or GOG from my experience.

Contacting Illfonic will most likely result in no answer, sadly.