release in xbox ?

guys can you just speak to sony and make them release the game in xbox ? this game need more players and if it comes in xbox+gamepass day one (like MLB (ex sony exclusive)) it will make the game have more players , thats good for everybody


Sony bankrolled the game I believe, I highly doubt they will let it go to Xbox

after a year and the trajectory of the game would be easier to remove it from some platforms rather than launch it to others

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They could get more players easy if they only add more content and fix the bugs and performance issues

There are over 115 million people who own a playstation 4

The reason they don’t own this game is simple

It’s not very good and has no depth to it

They went through the trouble to bring the game to steam and well…

content dont matter 1 year after the game release , most ppl buy the game in the first weeks

ps: bringing the game to xbox is better than bringing to steam because xbox have 28 million (or 23 i am not sure) game pass users