Remove ping spamming to reinforce

Get rid of this yesterday. I let my team die all the time and purposefully lose games just because they’re all spamming the reinforcements button. It’s literally the most annoying sound. And if you spam that thing most people won’t want to bring your annoying ass back anyways. Just had a 4,500+ damage game where I just let the predator kill me at the reinforcement, and I was there at the station for like 2 minutes before the predator even found me.

Why you ask? Cause literally as I’m actively starting the reinforcements, people are fucking spamming that thing. So I stopped and just let us lose. Cause that shits ANNOYING. Make it a single use ping with a fuckin cool down


To throw a match like that, you’re the prob.
If it was smite that’s intentional feeding.
I bet you even get mad when ppl simply ask for help via vgm on smite huh?

You’re in the wrong here.

Good, fuckem. As if I don’t hear you…


No. Asking for help is one thing hoss. Literally ping spamming is an entire other thing. That’s considered annoying in every game ever. It’s the equivalent of “you rock!” Spam in smite. Sorry boss but I’m not wrong at all here



Bro there’s no lol about this. A mechanic where you can nonstop make an obnoxiously loud ping in someone’s ear with 0 cool down is clearly not good. Stop trying to be right for the sake of arguing


No it’s pretty funny.
Cause it ain’t that serious.

Yah add a cool down on it, but it’s still pretty petty the people who throw a match just cause of it lol.

You gotta lighthen up cause you’re only stressing yourself Out.

Ok whatever all that means lol. I’m literally just point out how this feature is extremely annoying and you’re here… doing what? Saying it’s ok because?? Like what are you even doing

Every other games with pings has cool downs. My point is make a cool down. You’re saying no it’s fine. Explain why

Fucking with you is what I’m doing xD.
Bro you gotta relax.
I already said add a cool down.

Honestly the important part of what I said is to chill and not let it stress you out.
Cause trust me.
I know how bad it can be with randoms.

But they move on.
Meanwhile you’re here still mad about it.


I’m not here mad about it I’m here mad about you saying stupid ass shit😂😂 I mean now I know you’re trolling but god if it’s not annoying coming on here with a genuine issue with the game and everyone goes “no it’s fine” 😂 like spamming that thing, is 100% being a dick. So you don’t get to come back lol

It’s still not that serious tho.


Bruh I didint say it was serious I said it was an annoying feature 😂

Clicking the reinforce button should cost 250 veritanium each time, a service fee.


“Ring ring ring ring…es idiota o que?”



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Or replace the ping noise with audio or text that clearly tells the person to go reinforce.

I can understand how this would be annoying for veteran players that know when to reinforce but this ping is probably the only thing that reminds braindead potatoes that they can reinforce their team back. The problem is, the ping is sometimes not enough to remind these dumb potatoes that they can reinforce their team. They probably don’t even know what that sound means so changing that sound into something else may be more useful instead of getting rid of the ping altogether.

Me to my son from the office to the living room… Shad up with that!

Or make it louder and more obnoxious… Seriously though i feel like a voiceline would make more sense. JMO