Remove the bots

Because they’re a joke.

basically I am of this opinion too.

because the bot’s are badly programmed.

but, the bot’s offer * sometimes *
funny situations,
I watch the Predator “come in” and


hit the bot, of all things,

the bot gives the Predator a second wind, and pretty quickly!

… I can then just follow the glowing Christmas tree …

to keep the match going, I keep the Predator alive, I just take off the mask and go back to the team.
…really funny ;)

otherwise we would lose a team member and then we would have to use the radio,
plan in the mission,

in this way the mission can proceed unhindered,

… isn’t that something against the Predator?
… again “something”

oh shit,

a general question,

In what other game can I do this to the
Franchise carrier ??

…I’m getting off the topic, sorry …

remove the bot’s.

The extra lives they give to good ft players just makes things easier.

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Can we have 2v8 now that FT gets extra lives & they said they couldnt do 2v8 because balance

The FT only gets extra lives if they’re missing extra lives in the first place

Outside of the aim bot capabilities they give you the exact amount of resources you’d normally have

Exception being your gear and ammo refilled but that’s easily handled by picking your target and any bot gear is likely wasted

That being said yes to a 2V8