Report illfonic to playstation support & Epic servers

If you don’t want to see any other favorite franchise get destroy by this company you can do this or you can keep crying about the game is shit everyday at this troll-drama site


I did report them around the release of Emissary. Nobody from PlayStation got back to me. I’m not even 100% they even read my E-mail.

At the time it was the pattern of advertising something and then not delivering. I got REALLY annoyed that Emissary failed to launch without its dreads. Funny that as well, they’ve used them on at least two advertisements with them not being available in-game. STILL.

It’s just annoying that they will sell you what’s seen in the photo, but they consistently fail to deliver 1 or more elements of that product. Scar outright launched with the wrong head and I don’t think anyone would’ve even noticed had it not been IN THE STORE PHOTO. Christ it’s in the news cycle in the game’s main menu in nobody caught that.

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You have my respect for what you did
But I guess if playstation get too many emails from players who cares like you , they’ll probably do smt about it
Also I heard it from some pc players that epic game’s support actually cares about players and what they ask for

I refunded this trash 12 months after it released



My dood, i reported them after exiled came out

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Acktchually 🤓
Nowadays it’s more people bitching about politics and all their personality disorders. It’s not exactly an upgrade, but it’s not quite a downgrade either lol

I contacted them before and got no response. I am in the process of collecting contacts at PlayStation and Disney to contact some people directly. Can’t imagine Disney is pleased with this shitshow…. Or would be if they were aware.

So you feel you need to wage war on a game taht doesn’t work on your broken platform? Should you try to sue, who do you believe will win? Are you a holy man fighting a good fight? or are you drunk beyond belief?

In all likelihood they’re moving on. They did have a few open positions suggesting they’re in the process of developing a new title, but whether they’re on anything new Predator related is up in the air at the moment.

Not sure how you got any of that from my response. But keep trying

My hope is they sell it off when they go bust.