Reset fireteam PS4

Hello I have 2 fireteam classes which always reset to default each game

Hey Ramoutch, you goes away to Texas T.M. ? Lol
We have played together yesterday.

I know the reason why. But it’s so fucking hard for me to explain to you, I need to live stream it to show you in discord if you want? So you can know how to prevent it in the future.

I hide the nicknames of other players so I don’t know but ok

I don’t have discord. I don’t want to bypass it but correct it because I know the trick but I don’t want to apply it

It’s not about bypassing. But correcting, it’s simple loadout glitch. Just go on perks and put some random perk to replace that other perk and then press escape and then enter and place your perk back what you prefer and it will no longer reset. Since very likely your perks in custom loadouts are probably being invisible, until you click on your loadout.

Damn I didn’t specify I’m on PS4, how to do it please

In fact when I only put 2 pieces of equipment instead of 3 on the agent on the display it erases the asset and when I leave and come back it resets the class

Perks, not equipment.

If I tell you about the equipment, for example syringe, grenade, etc.

That happens because your options file on PSN clouf overrides the one on your system.

What should we do then ?

Delete options file from psn cloud.
Go to phg and rebuild the loadout.
Exit game.
Enable psn cloud again

Will this delete all my other classes ?

Yes but on the cloud not on system storage.

Don’t do it, just change your character class and then switch back. It will no longer reset. You probably have perk invisible glitch, just get inside customization, change class and re-switch back.

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It worked thank you very much

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