Reviving through walls

It’s possible to revive through walls. This should probably be patched out.




Well that’s fucked

Lol they fixed claiming through walls and objects to just make res’in through walls and objects lol


Well that seems fine, if you look the player who is downed has their model poking out of the wall. So it allows for this to occur.

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I don’t know about that. Allowing things to simply pass through surfaces is somewhat unpolished of a gaming company.

Damn nice catch
I would have never found this

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At first I thought he was on the stairs, but when I saw he was inside the shack, I figured I would check and see if it was possible. Once I saw the square come up to interact, it was pretty obvious it would work.

thats hilarious

Well hopefully we get a patch soon since we got this new info

Yes, my hope is that they still have time to fit it into the anniversary patch/update.

But since we got no idea when that is we’re just gonna have to hope
It’s probably gonna be the 20th so I think they got time

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I would bet 1000 bucks that it falls on the 27th.

on a saturday?
That was a quick edit

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I meant 27th.

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Yeah that’s probably when it’s gonna drop

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I asked for a nerf to the 1911… we got scout duelist. LMAO

Be careful with what you ask for…

W probably going to get an instant defib kit that will res teams through walls next xD

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Well, in your defense, scout doesn’t have much else going for it.

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Been in the game since day one and if you time it right you can move away from the ft member you reviving and keep moving around so your not a target

What? I’ve got to replicate that.