Rewarding Players that Stay in Game

I’ve seen plenty of mentions of punishing players that leave the game early.

Has anyone thought about actually rewarding players? Whether you’re Predator or Fire Team you should get added experience and/or V if you stay to the end of the game. Or even better, you get a 1 Dropbox every time so this could mean one free mythic item or a chance to get a trophy.

It seems that too many people are eager to leave if they are immediately downed/killed early in the game or downed by the FT. We all hate this behavior, maybe this is the change we need.


You’re on to something here.

I actually like the idea of 1 loot box for entirely completing a match.

The only problem, people will just go afk, for free loot boxes.

Like… they go afk already. The number of times I’ve reinforced people, only for them to just stand there (and eventually die).

Also players are already penalised for leaving. They receive no XP/rewards if they leave.

The idea of promoting positive reinforcement/rewards though is a good one, and one that should be explored more.

Well, perhaps have one of those Gameplay mechanics that give you free Locker from a infinite meter of XP.

For clarity, say that you have a second XP Bar, but this one doesn’t really have a level or even a cap. It refreshes once it is filled and has given you a Locker. So say you fulfill this bar of XP constantly through actual gameplay and not AFK’ness (a good idea of amount needed would probably be 15-20k XP considering how matches go.)

So this would give both FT and Predators incentive to actually do tasks that reward XP besides from Player Level. Predators would probably let FT Reinforce for the gamble of more XP and stuff like that even if they’re already 150.

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How about you can earn the box without being afk.

They implement an AFK system if you idle for so long…
It would kick you, as simple as that.

That’s already in the game, for Predators at least. Doesn’t seem Fireteam does though.

Nah not for preds xD… they just get kicked from the server overall even if playing or not…

Also… and ofcourse it would be for pred only xD… bullet drop is in game for pred… everything bad is just around pred mannn…

But in reality if they make afk system for fireteam too… then it works xD…

I like the loot box but if you leave you don’t receive any rewards for the game but a punishment would make the not leave wile loot box is not enough to make them stay I think

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People who afk get kicked within a minute

Yup - said the exactly same thing in many posts now. If FT rage quit just add tehm to preds kill count with xp like for a long claim. If pred rages out, then FT gets pristine body secured cut scene and xp. Not sure why this is not in game from the begining

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I like your idea you shouldn’t lose out on the exp either way

No information on the Samurai passives? (if there are any?)

if u stay still as afk u may get kick but no solution for ignorant bastards…those who just walking around whole map and making you mad…no call no help nothing…i just checked forums because of so called new patch and all i see ‘‘as i expected’’ typical shitheads and rightfull complain on illfonic… as i said this game is an wrong hands…shame none cared seems only these so called dev’s made such a move…