Rework building hitboxes?

I’ll let the video speak for itself, but this is kind of handy to know IF you play as a Fireteam member.
Btw, the slow motion mode makes it much easier to aim!

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Yeah. Not only that but I’ve been seeing FT just walking around crouched trying to exploit this. Esp during melee. It’s pretty shitty.


There’s a reason the bow is one of the worst weapons to use.


It’s great when it works…just not reliable. Most of the predator weapons are not reliable due to issues with the game simply not working

That’s true, one of the reasons I stick to the PC for ranged.

@Courier it is ridiculous these hit boxes on bow spear and disk… just dont cut it… you even take less plasma dmg ducking. Thes have been around since alpha… fix them holy fucking shit


The Bow is the worst weapon . It requires insane skill and it’s still bad even in good hands compared to plasma caster. Wrist blade bug, slow ads movement speed, slow charge, slow projectile speed, low damage, bullshit hitboxes, full charge body shot is not even worth and in the end dont forget keybinds don’t work after spear throw since 1.06 . Plasma caster has more projectile speed, insane radius, it requires no aim, damage is insane, no bugs at all, keybinds work for that, you can spam while invis from miles away and it has better middle charge damage.