Rework Chapter 5: Predator (PLACEHOLDER WIP)

5. Predator---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • Cloak should make predator completely invisible in all of these scenarios

    1. Standing still

    2. Crouch walking

    3. Crouch walking on branches

    4. Jumping from one branch to another

      • (this carries over whatever invisibility he had before jumping to the next branch, for example, crouched jump from branch to branch, remains fully invisible, however running jump from branch to branch, is more visible.)
  • Cloak should be more visible in all of these scenarios

    1. Normal running

    2. Sprinting

    3. Leaping

    4. Jumping

    5. Immediately after shooting any ranged weapon from stealth (This should make pred more visible for several seconds.) (Except the bow)

    6. When being shot

  • Predator should not make footstep noise in any of these scenarios

    1. When on a tree branch

    2. When leaping or jumping from branch to branch

    3. when crouch walking

  • Predator Footstep noises should be replaced with very low level rustling of leaves, and creaking of wood in these scenarios (you should only be able to hear these when there is absolutely nothing happening, they should be droned out by even the sounds that your fireteam members make when sprinting)

    1. When walking normally on a tree branch

    2. when climbing trees

    3. When leaping from branch to branch (Small amounts of leaves should fall, rewarding keen eyes, but only briefly)

  • Predator Should make footstep noise in any of these scenarios

    1. Walking normally

    2. Sprinting

    3. Jumping (Not leaping)

  • Predator Clicking noises when cloaked, should echo, making it harder for fireteam members to determine the source, even if the predator is directly above them.

  • Predator Mimicry menu, should also allow the predator player to disguise his name as one of the the fireteam members when talking in proximity chat. This would make for a more useful mimicry system, that works with both normal dialogue, but also can be used to bait out players in pubs.

  • Predator should be able to directly Stealth kill a fireteam member. It should be a quick animation. If cloaked, it should decloak predator during the animation. FT Member must be standing still.


  • Looking at a single fireteam member for a short period, should allow predator to scan his loadout and have access to the info for the rest of the game (could be accessed through the scoreboard during the match)

  • Remove energy usage entirely

  • Remove fireteam ability to hear the vision being switched on and off.

  • Mudded fireteam members should be harder to see on thermal.

  • remove target isolation for FT. Should only be usable to find pigs.

  • Thermal vision should no longer mark the FT

  • Fireteam should leave very long lasting or permanent footprints wherever they walk that pred can track. However they should only appear after a certain distance from a FT member ( so they dont lead straight to the FT member).


  • All predator Classes should have reduced health/damage resist to account for the vastly improved stealth.

  • Movement

    • Predator sprinting should Slowly drain stamina allowing predator to traverse the map quickly.

    • Slower classes should have the most stamina and the least gear. Whilst faster classes should have the least stamina and the most gear.

    • Faster classes should be faster in short bursts, but slower classes should be able to catch up through sheer stamina.

    • Base Walk Speeds should be the same among all the classes.

  • Scout

    • Should have the least amount of stamina, but the longest leap and fastest sprint speed

    • Should have the Second most Energy

    • Should have the most gear (15)

  • Hunter

    • Should have the middle ground of stamina and sprint speed/leap distance, as well as gear (10)

    • Should have the most energy.

  • Berzerker

    • Should have the Most stamina, But the shortest leap, and slowest sprinting speed.

    • Should have the least amount of gear, (8)

    • Should have the least amount of energy.

  • Alpha Predator (DLC)

    • Should be near the berzerker predator in terms of stats

    • Should have Less Health than the berzerker, But more energy/stamina as well as run speed and jump.

    • (Should essentially bridge the gap between berzerker and hunter)

  • Jungle Hunter 87 (Pre Order)

    • Should remain a copy of the standard hunter.


The sounds of predator Ranged weapons should be more directional, so that you have an easier time hearing where they came from

*The animations of predator melee weapons should be less jumpy and more fluid (Current combistick animation is a great example.)

  • Plasma Caster

    • Fully Charged shots returned to 1 shot Down only on direct hit

    • Fully Charged Shot AOE splash Removed almost Completely

      • Should still have a small aoe, but not enough to really hit more than one player at a time by any means.
  • Netgun

    • Slower Fire Rate

    • Should do more damage the longer the FT member is netted.

    • Nets should be harder to break free from by yourself.

  • Handheld Plasma Caster

    • Should shoot a ball of plasma that has an arcing projectile

    • Plasma ball should deal medium AOE damage, for clearing buildings

    • Plasma caster should be charge to fire. Requires full charge.

      • Charge should be slower than shoulder cannon, but holdable like bow.

      • Charge should be audible to some extent towards the end of the charge., warning the FT the predator is about to shoot.

    • (Should essentially be a predator grenade launcher)

  • Yautja Bow

    • Reactivate red lights when charging bow

    • Bow Charge time should be reduced slightly.

  • Smart Disc

    • Should deal Slightly more damage than the wrist blades (Melee)

    • Should have the least range (melee)

    • Fix the collision of objects around the map to prevent disc getting stuck in mid air

    • Remove FT ability to destroy disc

    • When a weapon gets thrown out of bounds, or into an unreachable place, the disc should be returned to the predator immediately.

  • Wrist Blades

    • Should deal the least damage of all melees

    • Should have medium range

    • Should continue to be usable with ranged weapons

  • War Club

    • Should do the most damage

    • Should have the least range

    • Should be able to break parries

  • Elder Sword

    • Should be able to hit multiple Targets

    • Animations changed to sweeping swings and swipes

    • Should deal medium damage

    • Should have medium range swings

  • Combi Stick

    • Should Deal Medium Damage

    • Removed ability to hit targets

    • Animations changed to poking motions, like a spear

    • Should have the most range of all melee weapon swings.

    • When a weapon gets thrown out of bounds, or into an unreachable place, it should be returned to the predator immediately.


  • Healing Kit

    • Should have infinite uses, But a long cooldown between each use.

    • Should be removed from gear pool, all preds should have by default.

  • Audio Decoy

    • Increase Audio Decoy uses to 8

    • Decoys should make plasma caster, cloak/decloak, and Roars. (no more clicking).

  • Bear Trap

    • Should be retrievable

    • Should no longer make noise

    • Should be able to be Tripped by being shot (not destroyed)

    • AI should not trip bear traps.

    • Can no longer be placed vertically.

    • Can no longer be tripped without line of sight.

    • Should not Restrict FT members ability to turn.

  • Motion Detector

    • Increased to 5 uses.

    • Should be cloaked when deployed.

  • New Gear

    • Add Falconer Recon Drone

    • Add Tree Net traps

    • Add some form of predator gas or plasma grenade for flushing the fireteam out of buildings. (compensation for removing plasma caster AOE)


  • Predator should crouch jump on normal jumps to allow him to clear awkward jumps a bit easier.

    • Predator jumps should maintain forward momentum much better.
  • Predator should be able to run through fireteam members, staggering them for a split second while doing so (to allow predator to escape the FT pinning him in a small room)

  • Predator Ground Slam Should Not Be able to hit enemies through walls and ceilings.

  • Predator second wind recharge should be significantly increased to compensate for longer match time. (Like 5-10 minute recharges).

  • Predator should no longer be able to leap in second wind. (FT cant reliably chase anymore so this is fair)

  • Predator second wind should be beefier to compensate for squishier predator.

  • Predator quick claims should be longer, Pred should pick up the FT member (allowing a chance for the ft member to be saved by teamates second winding pred.) but once holding them, quickly trophy them.


Stamina should be depleted as much as far Predator Leap. If its short distance it should deplete minimal amount of stamina. Also Predator should have a ability to Clean his obtained trophies it should include some minigame (same as bomb defuse). It should give Predator more XP and Varitanium per match. But it will take a long time. It will give Fireteam chance to Heal up and Prepare for another Predator attack.
Predator should be able to drag dead pigs to his prefered spot. Also should be able to drag (Stealth kill able) fire team memember. Or at least already dead body to claim his trophy and Also with that instantly clean that trophy (faster then normal Trophy Cleaning) in safety like in original 1987 movie. Also Predator should be able to Skin guerilla AI soldiers and Put them up on trees. It will reward Predator for (Roleplaying) with more xp and Varitanium and should be optional. Also Predator should be able to took his mask off permanently and Also his whole gear same way as in 1897 movie to give proper 1v1 chance. Also Predator should have a ability to parry FTs melee attacks to make that fight fair. When Predator will took of his gear and mask it will make his melee demage equal to FTs melee demage to make it fair. (Both sides need to land 10melee hits to kill opponent.) finally this should Also reward Predator for (role playing and keeping Yautja Honor rules) with more XP and Varitanium. If FT shoot down Predators Mask they should be able to implement thermal vision to their helmets and use thermal vision feature against Predator. But mask should get much more HP than now. Predator should be able to cloak even without Mask. But when player will push button for thermal vision Predators natural vision mode will activate.

LOVE your ideas man but i would see it to become seperate mode. Something like “HARDCORE HUNT” or something like that.
Couse lot of players are already used to Classic Hunt mode.
Some of fetures from your (REWORK) could be implemented in both modes(Classic and “HARDCORE”) but carefully couse some of them can have big impact on game.
For IllFonic would be batter to create new mode with your Ideas and with that lure back lost Players. But leave there that (EASY HUNT) mode for NOOBS and already used to it player base.


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Agree with most of the stealth changes, except the shooting ranged weapon one. All ranged weapons leave a trail to follow back to him, you don’t need him to shimmer as well.

For thermal, it should take energy, its part of the managing of the source.

Sure, keep it silent.

They are, for the most part. Its usually them moving which gives them away.

You want larger maps and no way of finding the FT? Maybe make it wait two minutes into the match or something, but come on.

The mark should only stay in thermal, but it should be there.

The footprints makes no sense from any perspective.

Stealth hasn’t been vastly improved enough for you to take their health away.

I agree with the sprinting stamina drain.

My complaints are the same form the FT. Slower and less stamina because they have more health and gear.

The Plasma Caster is their aoe ranged weapon. Yes a direct shot should down, but this is all you really have for bunched up FT.

Netgun seems fine.

Handheld just seems to be what the caster is now. The pellets give it something unique and different.

Don’t change the bow like that.

Disc seems good.

Wrist blades seem good.

Warclub seems good.

Why did you do that to the elder sword?

Why did you do that to the Combistick?

With pigs being prevalent, the healing kit should be as it is now.

Audio decoy seems good, but maybe too many.

Bear traps seem good except for ignoring AI. Maybe not destroyed by AI, only tripped, but still.

Motion sensors should still shimmer or something.

What good is the recon drone?

Where did you even get the tree net trap from?

And didn’t you already make the handheld a grenade launcher?

Sure with the jumps and sprint rushing, through with the TTK so low, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

The ground slam is how you get people out of buildings, though with your changes I see why.

With TTK being so low, a second wind being that long even in your endless matches means they the FT can speed run the objectives without fear.

Leaping up to safety is bad?

I guess.

With TTK being so low, there is no claiming period, unless the entire team is down and out of syringes and empty pistols. Plus, why claim when you can just spam ranged attack and the down guy?

  • This is fine but as long if u want to fully charge the plasma caster, it should deplete all the energy and cause energy overload

Other than this i didnt find a flaw and you suggested smth i would suggest with 99.99% accuracy more or less… gj hopefully @IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet see’s this before its TOO LATE TO REWORK the game.

  • remove target isolation for FT. Should only be usable to find pigs.
  • Thermal vision should no longer mark the FT

Explain these changes. Isolation already has a long cool down and it can be waisted if the FT is muddied.

And then thermal visions mark is based on distance. It will fade away once the FT player gets far enough.

Like they do now?

Woah there

These don’t even make sense. Why?

And why are you forcing stats together when we could get more variety from having them be balanced in separate ways.

Why he makes sense as a bridge gap between scout and hunter

Besides that’s the Samurai

Why these changes they don’t makes sense to me

But that’s the combi

But why?

Also combo’s aren’t cool as spears. Javalins? Yes but spears? No keep them slashing.

Shouldn’t trigger when FT is spawned/in zone at deploy time. Alongside buff


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Sound bubbles need to go bye bye and muzzle flashes need to be visible in thermal vision