Rework Chapter 6: Perks (PLACEHOLDER WIP)

6. Perks-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Perks are difficult to balance to be honest. But I wanted to give my very flawed opinions on them. The reason want all damage or damage resistance perks removed, however is solid. Perks such as these, destroy any chance of running anything else, as they are staple perks. And as such discourage build diversity

  • Remove any damage or damage resistance perks on both teams.

  • All classes should have the same perk number.

  • All perks should be reworked around the first two points, as well as more creative and indirect perks being created.

  • As you may have noticed, I have avoided thus far speaking on the class related perks. I have some ideas about them, but First I would like illfonic to update the description of the predator classes to specifically describe their passive perks, Just as the fireteam classes do.

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There is more utility than base damage perks, but since you don’t believe that, there is little hope for discussion.

I agree with this cause i would answer the game or almost the same.

I have a belief that perks should be made to give a person fun time rather winning advantage.

@Courier @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic

Keep in mind this was written literally 6 months ago and has not been updated. Much has changed im sure. But I still resurface the post not for the specificities of the changes. But for the heart of it all.

What annoys me the most about posts like yours and others is that you come out with really good ideas (some that I thought of to) which would improve things and make the game far better but the Devs seem to ignore them.

This game to very easily be made into one of the most immersive pred games going but it just seems to be drowning… It makes me sad :(

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Me too man, me too.

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Have to disagree.

The reason why they’re a problem now is because they exaggerate a problem we have in the game right now.

Why? You make build diversity worse between classes as well as taking away a balancing tool.