Rework The Minigun

I think everyone here that hasn’t just played the game for the first time knows that the Minigun is by far the absolute worst gun in the game in desperate need of a rework.

Let’s start with the pros first.

  • Decent ammo capacity.
  • Great reload speed and with the reload perk it’s basically instantaneous.
  • Cool to use/handle.

The cons:

  • Slow to whip out.
  • Slow to move around with.
  • Weak as all hell .
  • Extremely inaccurate.
  • It’s a secondary weapon (no idea why this beast is considered a secondary).
  • you become the preds favorite person and your teams most hated person.

Overall it’s just a complete detriment to you and your team as it is completely outperformed by every other weapon and unlike the Plasma Rifle it doesn’t even fill a niche. The only reason why anyone would bring this is if they’re new to the game and no one let them know or if the FT is just completely bored and brings it as a meme weapon.

I think what would make this weapon better would be to first, give this weapon some respect and make it a primary weapon, if you bring this out in the jungle then you should mean business.

Second, increase the movement speed to at least that of carrying an LMG or just a tad bit slower than that.

Third, substantially increase the accuracy to justify its weak DPS or ramp up the damage to make it the most dangerous up close weapon in the game and a counter to melee centric preds but bad against a ranged pred. I’ve heard people justify its use by saying that up close it will melt a pred however that would only work IF that pred is brain dead or new and even then a PDW-Z or an AK can do the same much quicker.

This is all I have for now feel free to add your suggestions not that Illfonic would actually read or care but it’s at least a little fun to imagine what could be.


The mini gun needs three things.

1 speed increases on movement and arming yourself with it. ( could possibly make it for support and assault increase speed)

2 Dps needs a rework. Its a min gun its supposed to be inaccurate but the closer u get to the barrel the more accurate it should be (optimal range somewhere in the 10 to 20 meter range) after that it starts to lack

3 It needs to be mountable and have a huge range boost when mounted and a 280 degree shooting window and gives a slight damage reduction when mounted.

Only if this gun is made a primary tho.

And why we are on this subject why is the god dam grenade launcher a primary weapon plz make it a secondary


I don’t mind the nade launcher being a primary just up the damage on it or increase the ammo.

Personally I would want the accuracy on the Minigun to be increased so it’s damn near a laser at 30m-45m but falls off from there while being weak so that it’s great for keeping pressure on the pred and destroying branches and fauna but not out right melting the pred in seconds. It would only become really powerful at 5m-10m range however overall the Minigun would have 600 rounds total so you can’t just spray it forever.

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30 -45 a little to much walking it around maybe if it was mounted sure but holding it i feel like 20 meters should be the max of its lazerness

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I’d be fine with the long range so long as it is weak like idk 1-2 damage per bullet however the closer you get the more damage it does. However I can see your point so I wouldn’t mind it either way.

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I think they intended the mini gun to primarily be for clearing AI

Thing is nearly every other gun can clear the AI way more effectively like the Plasma Rifle for example which can kill juggernauts in 3-5 shots as well as destroy any objective like the chopper in at least 10-15 shots and still have 200 something shots on backup.

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I wonder if having a tighter spread in the fire would increase the dmg?

I literally can’t believe it’s slow, does jo damage and has shit accuracy, even if someone is point blank RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

They made the war club decent, we can make Ole painless decent too lol

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Ol’ painless is to painful to bring atm.

Ive even tried putting it on Dutch for the hip fire boost and feel any combo of specialization of any class STILL doesn’t make it viable.

Unless there is some sweet combo we’ve been missing this entire time.

Still needs to be buffed tho

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You can put it on someone with amphibious and you’ll move at almost regular walking speed with it. With that speed boost you’ll become fast as fuck boi, too fast in fact that the pred will have absolutely no clue that you have it on amphibious at all.

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Going to try this…

@GetToLaChappa showed me this a while back, the speed difference is there but it’s just shy of regular walking speed and only on water.

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Yea… literally makes less sense than how poop the gun actually is LOL