Reworks that need to happen but probably won't.

Wolf - Buff from 8 Gear points to 13 Gear points, nerf from 15 Perk points to 13 Perk points. Swap out Assassin, Enraged & Focused for Analytic, Disciplined & Tracker.

Emissary - Buff from 9 Perk points to 10 Perk points. Swap out Savage, Wrathful & Enraged for Ghost, Tactician & Vicious. Give passive 9% bullet resistance.

Viking - Buff health from 1500 to 1750, buff movement speed from 8.8 metres per second to 9.1 metres per second.

Berserker - Buff from 9 Perk points to 11 Perk points, nerf from 15 Gear points to 13 Gear points. Remove +10% knife damage passive. Buff movement speed from 9.2 metres per second to 9.4 metres per second.

Captured/Jungle Hunter - Buff Health from 1250 to 1350. Nerf movement speed from 9.7 metres per second to 9.5 metres per second. Buff Energy from 1200 to 1400. Swap out Tracker, Fervent & Tactician for Analytic, Ghost & Savage.

Dutch 87 - Swap out Mud damage resistance passive for Hipfire accuracy passive.

Dutch 2025 - Swap out Hipfire accuracy passive for Mud damage resistance passive.

Izzy - Buff health from 130 to 140. Buff Perk points from 10 to 12.

Dante - Remove damage reduction whilst sprinting passive, replace with passive Prepper. Nerf movement speed from 7.3 metres per second to 6.9 metres per second.

Assault - Remove passive bullet damage, replace with passive Weapon’s Training.

Recon - Remove passive Tracker, replace with passive Multi-Tasker.

Support - Remove passive 20% defence buff to Team, replace with passive Gearhead.

Predator Sprinting & Leaping should give a 20% defence buff for their duration. Whilst in Leap, if hitting a Tree branch the Predator should automatically climb onto it. Should also be able to freely swap weapons & gear whilst in mid-air as Predator too.

Reduce movement noise by 50% for classes like Scout; Wolf, Exiled, Alpha, Falconer & Valkyrie. Reduce movement noise by 25% for classes like Hunter; City Hunter, Jungle Hunter, Captured & Elder.


Whenever I see a point that says to lower damage I know it will never be implemented.


They’re releasing “dlc” without weapons or gear or even key details in their appearance

It’s time to stick a fork in it

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