Rey is the best star wars character

Her story made the series way better than it ever was.
Truly the highest caliber of story telling.


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I will track you down, capture you, and torture you to death in a way that would make a death by a million cuts look like a mercy.

You will become intimately acquainted with my dewalt drill, blowtorch, scalpel, and sewing kit.

I will transfuse my own blood to you just to keep you alive to suffer longer. You will know pain, and I will dissect you while alive, and afterwards to find the brain tumor that made you say that accursed series of words you goddamn troglodyte.

But shes still the best

Normally you’re funny, but right now… right now I want to kill you.

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Just mad cause she’s the best written character of the franchise.

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You fucking donkey slut. You absolute buffoon. Imbecile.

Jar jar is the best written Star Wars character

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You mean sith jar jar lol as the theory goes he was secretly the strongest sith lol

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You mean @REYNOSO_FUA11? Why are you obsessed with this degenerate?!