Riddles of All Riddles!

From the Seed of Love, give love to the Farmer who looks after the farm.
Have Respect for the Fireman who fights the Sun’s Fire over the farmland.
Unload your charms to the Thinker who needs your charity,
for he makes the sun rise and the sun set, but the Tinkerer takes from the Thinker.
The Tinkerer thrives to electrify the Flower that gives you Jewels.
Give the Tinkerer your coin donations,so that the Flower will give you hope and security for the Future.
What will the Future give you?

[hidden in this very image is the 2nd clue: 666, it surrounds you]

Clue: Under Aching Men’s Feet


Prosperity is all that I can think of but I cant make too much sense of it.

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@Anyt1m3 get in here and guess lol.


“What will the future give to you?”

Pain and disappointment?


15 Minutes to 1st clue.Im going to light a spliff.

Between life and death

The inevitable end for heros and lost souls

By a battlefield of darkness

A darkness of one

In rivalry of destiny

OUR destiny

Endowed with greatness

Seeking perfection of our soul

Unscared and not created to squander it

True and faithful to a unique warrior spirit

I AM I!!

Never on bent knees begging for help or pity

Standing stout and of furied breast

Penetrate the glorified eyes of a creator

To discover I am he; he is I

Sent forth to rise above shame and mediocrity

To not give one Fuck for the idea of original sin

To actualize the warrior legend within my mind

To stand and deliver a destiny unlike any other

To live with the heart of a warrior that will one day speak from the tombstone atop my grave

I will do in my life what will live FOREVER

How do you know it so well?

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That’s what I felt when you left the lobby as Pred…

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I will always return.

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Just to leave again.


HUMAN! HE is HUMAN! BLAST YOU! But no, not the answer.

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I was on the road and didn’t risk texting and driving cause there were a few accidents around me throughout the day. Had to keep eyes on road

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Totally understand lol.
I cant make sense of it.
See if you can.

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I was proud of myself going to guess the answer was land , then I see the answer is soil 😄

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What??? How?

I’m not racist I’m the riddler! I’m out to solve the mother of all riddles!

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This was a tough one i know.

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Even after seeing the answer i can only connect certain lines.

Fireman is s farmer who waters the land to provide for the plants.
Thinker could represent the ancient gods that people would give homage to in order to get good harvest.
Tinkerer could represent human ingenuity that supplanted the gods as they infuse the soil and create good condition for growing plants.
The future will give you superweeds 😂

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