He was a one of a kind fool.

He made you think!

Made you smoke.

Aint nobody gonna bring him back to life.
may he live the rest of his life under the sea.

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Mass I’ve brought 3 people back by pumping certain areas of their brains with electricity while keeping the bodies on life support with the addition of an injection of neuron exciters.

Course, they all came back a little different than they were before. Memories gone or falsely created, one came back as someone else, the occasional whispers about how God is watching me and is very unhappy.

This last one was brain dead the longest, a whole month, and remembered what happens after death but wouldn’t tell me, saying I’d wish to never have existed if I knew what awaits me. Patient seems stronger and heightened senses, as well as an increased reaction time. Broke out of the first cell and almost strangled me in complete darkness before I activated the failsafe and constructed an improved detainment cell.