Run Animation sometimes stuck

I don’t know I could call it a bug but I think it is one.

Sometimes when I run as my Predator her run animation gets stuck.

It can be seen in some of my videos (I unfortunately don’t remember which ones).


Does anybody of you experience that, in my opinion, funny little bit?

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Mine floats sometimes, but I’ve gotten used to it.

Yeah, this floating is what I meant. After the new patch it happened only once though.
It was much more frequent with patch 2.08, so I’m guessing 2.09 fixed that mostly.

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I’ve watched most of your videos and have experienced the issue you get. It’s a lag issue. It happens to me whenever there’s a lot of activity (AI shooting, Fireteam shooting) and I switch through vision modes. The frequency that it’s happening to you though is a lag/processor issue and you might want to tweak your performance settings or whatever they are on PC.

I only happened once after the new patch and the game is running smoothly for me as always.

had it today animation glitch

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