Saber mask & dutch's Saber mask are different masks/sizes

Less a bug more a 4th wall breaking nit pick
Upon buying the dutch 2025 dlc i instantly noticed,
The saber mask we can equip our predator with, and dutch’s saber mask worn on his arm,
are two completely different masks and sizes.
Dutch’s has completely different shaped ‘eyebrows’
The wearable mask has a v shape starting and ending in the area between its two eyes,
Dutch’s ‘v’ shape extends all the way to the end of its ‘eyebrow’
giving it a entirety different look, and the very top of the helmet is different shape too,
the entire mask is smaller and elongated, and has less depth, flat from the top and mis-proportioned in the mouth area,
looks small enough to only fit a child yautja or a human, certainly not a full grown yautja,
Can we please have corrected and matching masks,
Or the smaller ‘dutch version’ of the saber mask to be available for use by our predator,
the bigger ‘actual saber mask’ updated and worn on dutch in atleast passable size is preferable,
a resizing of both to a happy medium, with updated skins, would work,
It sounds like hard work right? But these little things add up
With Its history and look it was my favourite mask, and now its just wince enducing,
I honestly honestly honestly wish i hadnt bought dutch 2025 to notice, i cant unsee it.
You are apreciated, i do like the game believe it or not lol its badass
i suppose i could imagine dutch killed saber’s lil brother or sister

Maybe Dutch killed a young Predator of the same bloodline and his father came to avenge the death. Which is why Dutch wears the younger one.

Try to imagine a story like that as maybe a hidden backstory about the character. Makes it a bit more fun.

Now… how the hell did Isabelle get the Falconer mask!? I’m assuming she came across the dead Falconer while stranded on the planet and took it before her escape.

We don’t know if Saber is meant to be the same mask on Dutch’s shoulder or not though it is meant at least to be the same kind of helmet.