Safely acquiring the predator body doesnt count towards the daily and weekly missions

what the title says
please fix it

What are they?


What are the challenges. I have been severing a psn suspension so idk what the challenges are

weekly and daily challenges taht give you in game currency

Duhhhhh. What are the challenges. Like what are they asking you to do fucking idiot. Never meant someone so dumb

I think they’re referring to ‘complete missions as fireteam’ and ‘full hunt’ challenges. Securing the pred body doesn’t count towards mission completion if it’s the full hunt challenge, I believe.

**There’s no need for the pejoratives here guys.

now i see why you are banned
be specific next time kiddo

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You still haven’t answer the question, of what the challenges are. Because they aren’t broken for me, but then again, my weekly isn’t about winning, so I don’t know how you can even know if it works or not.

Man you gotta chill before illfonic looks at your activity on the forums and suspends you.

Could care fucking less. How was i not understood the first time? Like wtf common sense would have told this poor excuse for a educated person that im asking what the challenges are without directly asking what they are since his dumb ass made a thread about the weekly and daily CHALLENGES not working so I didn’t think I would have to specify what I was asking since its a thread about CHALLENGES.

I mean while I agree that his conclusions as to what you meant werent my first choice, they definitely arent stupid conclusions to come to, especially if you dont recognize someone. For all he knows you havent played since challenges were introduced.

Doesnt make him stupid.

I mean the second one was directly asking what are the challenges. But I guess from now on I will treat everyone on the internet like 5 year old children that are mental handicapped and need to be talked slow and direct to the point.

thats what i understood in the first place

My apologies.

Now if the Weekly is win hunt matches the Pred body should work. But from what it sounded like was the daily was along the lines of complete major missions. If that was the case securing the Predator body would not count since the Predator itself is a side mission in this game. But if The daily was win hunt matches or Complete full Hunt matches securing the Pred body is supposed to work. So if its bugged the only solution I have found is to Restart system or if Pc which I guess would be to restart the entire game and maybe reconfigure your internet. Hope this helps next time. Since im on day 3 of my 3 day psn suspension. So i have missed the weekly and the daily.

nop its almost always deal damage to pred (25k) or win 25 matches

So those are the ones that are glicthed for you. The same troubleshooting method should work for you

nothing is glitched for me

So what is the thread about then?