Samhain Concept

Express your disinterest with @Samhain13 showing you his nutsack.
Brav, you need to wear a penguin suit or a red panda bear costume because i think people know if you wearing no shirt is a thing, next you’re showing us your dick and balls. And nobody will care for that. Like you’re a few clicks away from desperation but yutube will probably give you penny coin for that, but we’re looking here at you from PHG forums and goin,…brahv?? Yah, its hot but if you’re not needing to show us…don’t.

Its like asking why Kratos doesn’t wear a shirt.

BRAH…??? You’re ego is like an eggtart nobody wants to eat! yeah man, eggtarts are in spanish and panspanish portugeuse shits i know! I hoped up on the sugar brah! Why you can’t be normal is beyond me!
Your sisters be like ‘why does brav want to show he tats even though i don’t HAVE tats?’ He’s 20 years gone mad!

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Did Kratos make any money? No, he dead like a myth nobody followed until …like Indiana JOnes did some diggin.

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Dammit Mass stop doing cocaine.

At least without me.


well this is kinda gay

If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em


@Samhain13 people round here seem to have a huge crush on you bro lmao

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i hate his guts!

U hate everyone who is better than you.

No 1 is better than than one. when you get into the JUNGO with 3 bots you the best!

That’s what losers say. You’re one of them kids that’s like everyone’s a winner!!! Lmao!

nope. Get into the jongo! you a waste of my breath Cozzar20!!! you a poopatraitor! I always get the poopatraitor!

I’ve probably already destroyed your ass in the jungle. I was literally one of the best when I played lmao. My accuracy with assault rifles was beyond anyone else and scary to even the best of PC players.

you never the best ever!

Keep dreaming kid

yo nothung.