SAWZ-50 Sight offset

After shot I got this scope failure. Sight just getting offset. I constantly have that thing when I use SAWZ-50. Is this a bug or it’s always was just like that?
Check da video.


Use the 6 times.
10x always bugs out.

Should help.

Gee thanx, I don’t even think about to change the scope :D

Np. Since the maps are pretty small, I dont like running a long range scope.
I consider 6x to be a nice medium range. But still lets you hit and see across the map.

Btw. If you really want to still run 10x, just after every shot, let go of the aim button. For some reason that fixes it. By resetting the scope location.

Hope it helps lol.

Known bug. It has been like that since day 1. They said they fixed it in a patch. They clearly didn’t. Posted video footage of this months ago. They haven’t fixed it or even awknowledge it. Happens only on the SAWZ with 10X

Cool Smart Disc videos on your channel💯

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lol, I liked them too. Just can’t get rid of the idea of killing enemies as much as possible with a disk.

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It’s an awesome weapon for killing FT, good damage output with Downrange. I especially liked your armour, skin pattern and helmet colour. Uncloaked you could only just see you in that cut scene👌🏼💯

It’s been a few months since you uploaded some gameplay though, would be cool to see how you’ve evolved as a Predator since then.

Yeah thnx, the idea of that look is to blend with jungle, for to be more stealthy even without cloak.

I try to evolve, but with this long queue time it’s really hard for now. Can’t wait for da new mode to pump up the skill :3

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